Woman charged with felony after throwing burger and racial slurs at fast food employee

Most people want to enjoy a good burger but want it perfect. Additions like tomatoes matter to some, and a 77-year-old woman lashed out at a fast food worker when she found him too thin to enjoy her meal.

The woman has been identified as Judith Ann Black who was arrested for throwing the sandwich at a Burger King employee in Florida. But other than that, her case got worse when she hurled racist slurs at the worker.

The incident happened on April 30 and the woman admitted to throwing the sandwich at the employee. She wasn’t happy that the tomato in her sandwich was sliced ​​too thinly and ended up throwing it at the employee who hit her just below the neck.

“She said she was angry that the victim didn’t fix the problem and ‘had the burger in my hand and threw it at her,” “according to a report from The Smoking Gun.

However, her case worsened after calling the employee a “b-noir” aside from some racial slurs during the incident.

“As the victim turned around, Ms. Black started throwing the Whopper at her, hitting her in the back, just below the neck against her will,” authorities said. “Mrs. Black then got out to her vehicle, followed by her husband, and drove off.”

To support the Burger King employee’s claims, there was video footage of the incident. The store manager confirmed the employee’s statements.

Police were able to locate Black via the license plate of her husband’s car. We would learn that she lived in The Villages, a retirement community in Florida. She now faces battery charges, but her tirade of racist language elevated her case to a third degree felony.

Black was released after posting a $ 2,500 bond. It could not be confirmed whether the 77-year-old had legal representation who could speak on her behalf. She could not be immediately reached for her statement on the incident.

In this photo illustration, the new Impossible Whopper sits on a table in a Burger King restaurant Getty Images | drew anger

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