Why does coffee from a cafe taste better?

Many people encounter this problem. No matter how you brew your coffee at home, it just doesn’t taste the same as it does in a cafe or cafe. How to make your coffee so good?

We’d be lying if we said it’s always easy to create coffee at home that tastes absolutely delicious. It mostly depends on the type of equipment you use. People who have a great Rocket espresso machine may be able to brew coffee that tastes like a barista. If you still stick with instant coffee, chances are your coffee won’t be the envy of all your friends.

So what are some of the reasons coffee from a cafe tends to taste better than when it’s made at home? We explore some of the reasons below.

Coffee. Photo: pexels.com

fresh beans

The bean turnover in a cafe or cafe tends to be very high, which means you are likely to get fresh beans at all times. This can have a big impact on the aroma and flavor of the coffee you end up with.

If the beans are ground shortly before eating, they will usually taste the best. If you are brewing coffee at home, you can have pre-ground coffee or you can grind it in batches. That’s good, but it’s not necessarily optimal.

Trained baristas

It is undeniable that the skill of the barista plays a role. Of course, when you get a product like the Rocket Espresso Machine, you’ll have to learn some barista skills yourself, but you’re not automatically going to be as good as someone who makes those kinds of drinks for a living. .

Trained baristas can also offer you plenty of flavor variations and let you choose between drinks, perfecting the subtle differences between drinks like a latte and a cappuccino.

Barista.  Photo: pexels.com
Barista. Photo: pexels.com

Great equipment

Cafes and cafes will invest in their equipment to ensure they are making delicious drinks at all times. This means that their coffee machines’ ideal extraction, reliable milk froth and even bean to cup coffee machines tend to be very efficient in creating a delicious beverage.

Few of us have barista-level equipment at home, but luckily coffee equipment is becoming more common and of better quality.

Quality ingredients

Cafes and cafes will spend a lot of time and effort creating great drinks that they know people will enjoy.

Many cafes will take pride in their choice of coffee and may even let you choose between different blends and types of coffee when ordering a drink.

Cafes know that there are many different options for people to go and have a great cup of coffee now, and they need to follow those trends and create delicious drinks so they don’t lose their custom elsewhere. This usually means they buy good quality and exciting coffee beans rather than whatever is on offer at the local supermarket.

The coffee beans are of course crucial, but the other ingredients are also important, which usually means milk. In addition to cow’s milk, many cafes now offer vegan alternatives, and you can order specific barista-style drinks that use barista oat milks and the like.

Have the drink made for you

Looks like it’s made up, right? In fact, there is a scientific basis for this. Food and drinks that someone else makes for you taste better.

You’ve probably been through this a lot. Maybe that’s why the food your mother cooks for you is always so good.

Coffee tasting.  Photo: pexels.com
Coffee tasting. Photo: pexels.com


It sounds a bit odd, but where you’re consuming your drink definitely plays a role, and cafes and cafes tend to spend a lot of time on ambiance. The smell of all those delicious pastries and amazing coffees helps add to your experience.

Can your coffee at home be this good?

Coffee from a cafe tends to be much nicer, there’s no two ways to do it. This is especially true if you find a place that you know can make your favorite drink perfectly every time.

However, many people don’t keep trying until they perfect their coffee at home. You can experiment with coffee beans and equipment until you find something as delicious as you find in cafes.

It’s by learning some of the skills that baristas have and understanding a few technical terms such as coffee extraction that can help you understand what creates a delicious drink when you buy your coffee. This way you can mix it with the professional baristas and create much more delicious drinks.

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