Uncultured Cafe & Bar to enjoy authentic local and international cuisine

Uncultured Cafe & Bar is a good place to enjoy the nightlife. It serves local and western dishes using only the freshest ingredients with an emphasis on home cooking flavors and presentation.

The additional feature is the open terrace which provides a relaxing and pleasant night with a spectacular view for the guests.

Guests will experience a warm welcome followed by impeccable service enhanced by the satisfaction of all expressed and unexpressed needs by expert, knowledgeable and energetic staff in a warm and refined atmosphere.

They also take the necessary precautions and follow hygiene protocols with the proper use of hand sanitizers.

Located in the Kailash Colony of South Delhi, one can easily find the place with the connectivity of the metro service. One can enjoy the best gastronomy with his loved ones that this place offers with a pleasant night and a spectacular view.

In addition to their decor and ambiance, they serve tasty dishes like Peking Chicken, Premium Soy Chicken, Chilli Chicken, Spicy Chinese Dumplings, Fattoush Salad, Pasta, Pizza, noodles, potato with honey chili and cheese with cheese Mmt.

If you are a true foodie, don’t forget to try their Signature uncultivated cocktails and fabulous range of martinis with a twist.

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