Toasted Yolk Café opens in Dothan on December 6th | Local News

Elri Parker, Toasted Yolk and Golden Corral franchisee, talks about his restaurant career and his motivation to bring Toasted Yolk Cafe in Dothan inside the new restaurant.



Owning the local Golden Corral wasn’t enough for Elri Parker. He wanted to have brunch and have cocktails.

And that’s what he plans to do when he opens Toasted Yolk Café in Dothan on December 6. With pops of bright green and breakfast and lunch menus, Dothan Restaurant is the first franchise of its kind outside of Texas for the restaurant business.

“Being the first one out of the state of Texas, you know, I had to be a little candle,” Parker said. “This is my house – Love Dothan, isn’t it?” So, I have to make sure we do our thing.

Parker has been in the restaurant business for years with Golden Corral. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he grew up in Augusta, Georgia, raised by a single mother.

“We had nothing; raised in projects – we just had nothing, ”Parker said. “If it weren’t for the basketball and the competitiveness, the coaching skills and just the rewards at the end of the championships in school, I don’t think I would be like I am today. . “

He started working with Golden Corral in 2008, traveling to different locations. During a stint of closing restaurants, he was known as the Terminator. He became general manager in 2010 for a Golden Corral in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

He and his wife, Kenyatta, who have four children, decided to move to Raleigh where Elri could pursue a new opportunity with Golden Corral – managing director of his flagship restaurant, Raleigh, home to the company’s headquarters. While his family was happy in Raleigh, Parker didn’t get along so well with the proximity to headquarters. He was told he wasn’t the right fit and ended up being demoted as kitchen manager for another Golden Corral in Raleigh. A few months later, its division president arranged for Parker to take over the Dothan Golden Corral.

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