TikToker shares a behind-the-scenes look at KFC’s ‘foodie’ restaurant: ‘Is this a joke? »

The KFC dining experience is unlike any fast food food restaurant on the planet.

At least that’s how it looked ICT Tac. The 11-course meal, which included everything from champagne to deconstructed popcorn chicken, has made its way into countless viral videos.

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The weekend-long event took place in Sydney, between April 1-3, according to Newsweek. Admission was 75 Australian dollars (about $55) and diners had to enter a raffle to win their entry.

But, as ICT Tac by user Samanta Khater (@samantha.khater) watch, the cost may have been worth it. His videowhich now has over 1.5 million views, revealed how fanciful the experience was.

As Samantha’s clip shows, guests were greeted with a glass of champagne. The room featured chicken-shaped light fixtures, black tablecloths and wine pairings for the range of dishes.

Next, Samantha ate so-called “supercharged” wings, which were served on a bed of flaming charcoal. She also dipped bread in a gravy candle, which melted chicken fat in real time.

There were other “crazy” dishes, according to Samantha, including popcorn chicken with gnocchi and gold-crusted drumstick. There was also a dish designed after the chain’s founder, Colonel Sanders, that diners had to lick off their plates to eat.

The desserts were steaming and plated like something out of a Michelin starred restaurant. At the end, diners walked away with a free bucket of chicken.

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Event Videos made TikTok users jealous. Many couldn’t believe KFC could look so fancy.

“Am I dreaming?” a user asked.

“That’s what I call a date,” another joked.

Others were confused by it all and wondered why anyone would want a KFC fine dining experience.

“Is this a prank?” a user wrote.

“What have we become? another added.

This isn’t the first time a fast-food chain has gone viral for elevating its cuisine. Last year, TikTokers went crazy after discover the “fantasy” version of Wendy’s in Japan. There had been a similar panic a few months earlier, when users realized that Taco Bell is a “premium” chain in China.

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