This TikToker turns McDonald’s favorites into fine, fancy meals

Have you ever looked at your greasy Big Mac and thought to yourself, sure, this tower of goodness tastes delicious, but I see so much more for my meaty little son? I see the promise. A bigger future. It is natural to want the best for our children, after all.

Luckily, food blogger and TikToker Danny Kim (@dannygrubs) lets us take a peek into the world where McDonald’s meals are more than just burgers in a box.

In her latest batch of TikTok videos, Kim offers basic McDonald’s dishes and sauces to her gourmet chef friends and asks them to turn them into spectacular meals you’d see at Michelin-starred restaurants.

In case you don’t understand why it’s so bad, here’s the first video in the series, which turns a Double Quarter Pounder with French fries into a, wait, a beef pithivier with mashed potatoes and charcuterie sauce.

Yeah, it looks delicious because it is.


Hey @gordonramsayofficial, how did my boss friend do ????? #BeefWellington #FastFoodGourmet #TikTokFood

original sound – Danny Kim

Now, I have watched this next a dozen times and still cannot comprehend the massive transformation that is happening before my eyes.

Imagine the culinary flair you would need to turn a Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle into a sausage stew with a creamy gravy.

My mouth is watering and I would like to be able to have this gourmet meal delivered directly to my home.


From McDonalds breakfast to a gourmet meal? Is my boss friend valid or not ?????? #FastFoodGourmet #TikTokFood

original sound – Danny Kim

This next one is a little different, as it transforms the McDonald’s classic Filet-O-Fish into a more refined gourmet dish that’s still a bit on the fast food side.

Here’s the Salt and Pepper Fish Fillet, which looks like the salt and pepper fish / squid from your favorite Chinese take-out place.

Plus, watching this video let me know the steps involved in making a premium salt and pepper fish, so I can’t wait to give it a try.


Is my chef friend valid ????? See the second dish on my Y0utube (link in the bio) ✅ #FastFoodGourmet #SummerRecipes #LearnHow

original sound – Danny Kim

And here are friends, proof that McDonald’s meals, with a little perseverance and skill, can be turned into masterpieces of culinary excellence.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to review this pithivier beef video because I’m really shaken up.

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