The Westin Brisbane’s lobby cafe and bar have launched a gourmet ‘Pupfast’ menu for dogs

Brunch dates, pre-work breakfasts, mid-morning snacks and leisurely lunches at a Brisbane hotel all come with an extra bark, plus something tasty for the cute dog in your life to bite into. . At Charles, the Westin Brisbane’s lobby cafe and bar on Mary Street in the CBD, a new ‘pupfast’ menu is now on offer until 1pm daily, packed with food and drinks that will get your pooch buzzing.

Adding a gourmet twist to your dog’s day, the just-unleashed canine culinary lineup begins with bibim bark, which, yes, gives the Korean rice dish a puppy-friendly twist. Doing just that with familiar meals is actually the goal of the ‘pupfast’ range. So, with this option, Rex or Max can feast on a mixture of braised barramundi, carrots, peas, pumpkin, spinach, sesame and corn.

Also on the menu: wooden bowls that offer a variety of bone-shaped biscuits, beef bouillon cubes with natural gelatin and beef ball bites seasoned with anchovies. There’s also woof wine, a beef broth made from beef bones, carrots, beets, and celery.

And, for sipping, you can order your furry best friend a whipped woofachino with beef broth and topped with a dog-friendly milk froth.

(Imagine how adorable their cute little noses will look with a garter stitch on top, because you know that’s exactly what’s going to happen.)

Unveiling the new menu, Westin Brisbane Complex General Manager Brad Mercer said it was created after observing that “dog owners love to take their pets with them while they dine, but find a suitable location can be difficult, not to mention finding a location near me and the CBD.”

Yes, if you work in the city and your employer allows it, that also means you have a new excuse to take your barking companion with you every day.

Among the lessons we’ve learned over the past few years is the joys of spending your working hours with your fluffy BFF — at home or in the office — is on point. And you just know that your dog loves company.

The Westin Brisbane pupfast menu is available at Charles, Ground Floor, 111 Mary Street, Brisbane from 7am to 1pm daily.

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