The gorgeous farm shop and cafe with food to die for tucked away in a Somerset garden center

This is a historic Somerset garden center that has served locals for decades and remains one of the best places to visit.

This wonderful garden center blooms at this time of year, it’s where lots of people go for helpful, personal advice on their gardens and it’s also a place to buy great locally made food, wine and beer and with a coffee to die for.

The legendary Prior Park Garden Centre, affectionately known as Fred Daw’s by locals, is a fantastic center just on the outskirts of Bath.

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Located just off the road on Ralph Allen Drive in greater Widcombe, there is ample parking and it is a great place to visit at any time of the day.

There are always lovely, friendly staff to help you, most of them have been there for years and know their customers well.

The Secret Garden Cafe, which is currently closed for renovations, will soon reopen even better than ever and is a great meeting place for locals to sit, eat, drink and chat amongst greenery and flowers, with a beautiful terrace outdoor in summer.

The farm shop is a great place to shop, the best food in the country not far from town.

Here you can buy the best bread from the local Hobbs bakery, meat from Newton St Loe farm, cheese from The Fine Cheese Company and many wonderful treats.

I like to go mid morning, but you have to be early to get freshly baked bread.

I usually take a few things for the garden and when the cafe is open have a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and coffee before heading to the lovely farm shop for my shopping for the day.

The meat counter is full of fresh meat, chicken and fish and the fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious.

I also love bulk frozen berries and fruits that I use for breakfast once thawed, it’s so convenient.

They also have awesome cakes and gifts to buy, nice things for the house and their artificial flowers and plants are really awesome, I sometimes cheat and use them among my new ones.

Their vases and tableware are truly beautiful, brilliant gifts and great comfort to browse.

The garden center was founded by the legendary Fred Daw, a true character who did more than anyone to bring his adopted home of Bath its well-deserved title of ‘The Flower City’.

As director of Bath’s parks from 1952 to 1973, he flowered the pavements, built ornamental gardens at bomb sites and led the city to the final of the Britain in Bloom competition each year the competition was held while he was director of parks, celebrating four outright wins.

If you have time on your next visit to Bath, make a detour to this great place. In one stop you can buy almost everything you need and when the cafe reopens it is a very good place for lunch.

Keep an eye on the website for when the Secret Garden Cafe will reopen, locals and regulars miss it very much, it will be worth it and is generally open every day, seven days a week, including holidays.

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