The elegant new gourmet restaurant in Montrose reserves the opening date for March

One of this year’s most anticipated restaurants will open next week. March, a tasting menu concept from the owners of Rosie Cannonball Goodnight Hospitality, will begin service on March 31, the restaurant announced.

Described as a restaurant “which explores the evolution of the Mediterranean through its cuisine, its history and its cultures”, the name “Mars” refers to the border between two territories, and the food will be inspired by the mixture of cultures that takes place in these regions. The restaurant will serve a six- or nine-course tasting menu created by partner chef Felipe Riccio.

To be clear, the experience will offer a new perspective on fine dining with matching prices – six courses for $ 145, nine for $ 195 with standard and “premier” food pairings available for both. Skilled sommeliers will serve as captains to facilitate the dining experience, and the dining room is adorned with high-end artwork and other bespoke touches.

Mars opened in November for a brief series of salon services that showcased its offerings. Now, diners will have the opportunity to sample the full restaurant experience, which builds on Riccio’s work in restaurants across Europe as well as his personal legacy of being originally from Mexico with a father. Italian and a Spanish mother.

At the opening, the menu will offer dishes inspired by the Maghreb in North-West Africa and its intersection with other neighboring countries. For example, the March tagine will feature less-used cuts of meat such as lamb’s heart and pig’s ear, a nod to the “quinto quarto” meats eaten by working-class Romans. Ventresca tuna, a rich tuna brisket with Cuquillo olives and a sabayon made from grilled peppers, is inspired by a classic Tunisian sandwich.

Food and wine pairings ($ 65 / $ 85; premier, $ 125 / $ 185) draw on the restaurant’s 11,000-bottle cellar, which was built to showcase a wide selection of producers selected by the partner and Master Sommelier June Rodil and General Manager / Beverage Manager Mark Sayre.

March cocktail offers will also be high. Bar manager Alex Negranza’s offerings use eight herbs native to the Mediterranean that make up the March logo. Oregano is used in a variation of the classic Zombie tiki cocktail. In another, a Greek liqueur is paired with Japanese whiskey and sarsaparilla bitters.

All that eating and drinking will take place in a sufficiently glamorous space. Goodnight worked with Houston-based Curtis & Windham Architects and New York City’s Robert McKinley studio on the intimate 28-seat space divided into a living room and main dining area. Artwork in the space includes a Murano glass chandelier, works by German artist Christoph Ruckhäberle and Brooklyn-born, Texas-raised Matt Kleberg, a painting by Oliver Jeffers, and an oversized piece in the private dining room created by Argentinian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou. Haley Riccio, the chef’s wife and industrial designer, created custom tables for the dining room.

“In a way, the whole March experience is our love letter to the hospitality industry and our community through the food, wine, culture, people and the constant passion to keep learning more about them, “Rodil said in a statement.

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