Tease your palette with Mediterranean flavors at Opa Bar and Cafe

Mumbai’s Opa restaurant-bar! has put together an enticing menu for those who love it generously. Opa! The elaborate menu offers you something new every time you come.

By flipping through the pages of the Opa! the menu might take a while!

The Adana Kebabs are inspired by the beautiful city of Adana, Turkey. A preparation of ground lamb which is mounted on a skewer only to be well grilled over hot charcoal. This process makes this preparation charred, spicy and rich in flavor.

A spicy Arabic rice preparation that is served with chicken, Chicken Majboos is considered the national dish of Kuwait. This dish is presented with a tomato garlic sauce commonly known as Daqoos.

This Persian preparation of skewers is tasty and delicious. Joojeh kebabs are unique and loved by all non-vegetarians. The chicken pieces are drowned in the marinade and garnished with saffron and lemon. Baked in a stone oven, the Pide is a heavenly flatbread preparation. This crispy wonder and its varied varieties are spread all over Turkey and served hot here at Opa!

On the dessert menu, the special Baklava consists of layers of filo dough, filled with chopped nuts, sweet syrup and topping. This centuries-old dish is not only famous for its history and culture.

Grilled chicken, cooked with boiled rice – a good combo. Served with fried almonds, raisins, parsley and a yogurt sauce – this dish is known to be the most favorite among Arabs. Chicken Kabsa is a must-try when visiting Opa! This potted rice recipe is aromatic and tasty.

Another dish of Yemeni cuisines, pilaf, is a cooked rice dish. Slowly stirred into a broth that has been in the oven with vegetables poured into it. The aromatic spices give a romantic touch to the flavors of this dish.

To conclude the menu, Manakish – a traditional Middle Eastern flatbread was introduced to the menu.

Light on the stomach, it’s widely hailed as a breakfast option in many homes. Manakish can be garnished with thyme, cheese and minced meat.

Manakish is a Middle Eastern flatbread typically eaten for breakfast.

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