Sydney Cafe Flour Drum named in top 10 of Newtown’s best food spots

King Street, Newtown in Sydney is known for its abundance of restaurants and cafes that offer a wide range of cuisines to cover you whatever your mood.

Cafe Flour Drum has been named one of Newtown’s top 10 foodie spots by the Daily Telegraph and boasts its ‘handmade treats’ and ‘cozy environment’.

Co-owners, Christopher Heaps and John Agelatos have very different culinary histories, with Heaps spending most of his time in fine dining and Agelatos more familiar with café environments.

This unique combination created the perfect synergy in Flour Drum, contributing to their 7-year success, and they say their story allowed them to “open up a whole new world.”

Heaps and Agelatos have created a space for customers to relax and enjoy their coffee and breakfast, and even through the difficulties the pandemic has presented to small businesses, Flour Drum has remained open.

“We only closed for two weeks,” Mr Heaps said. “So we moved to takeout very quickly.”

As for the future of Flour Drum, the owners say they hope the cafe continues to grow as they do.

“Our philosophy was to start something that will grow with us over time,” Mr. Heaps said.

“This restaurant is really about us.”

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