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The website is also not very user-friendly. There is a small menu tab that takes you to the standard food list with the dishes I mentioned here. A few tabs further down, after ordering online and catering, there is a tab for specials. For me, it was the land of lost opportunities.

When I finally clicked on this tab a few days after ordering, it answered a lot of questions I had about the brevity of Swine Dining’s selections, especially when you compare it to other barbecue places around the world. city.

I found what is essentially a second menu with a warning that some items may not be available due to supply chain issues, possibly related to the coronavirus pandemic. Some items only appear on certain days or months, Hodges said.

A side of Swine Dining BBQ Coleslaw.


Until then, I had no idea Swing Dining had breast tacos and smoked mac and cheese. Or seasonal smoked turkey. Or four varieties of smoked wings. Or the burnt tips (my husband’s favorite) on Friday.

When deciding on side dishes, I wanted green beans, and they hid among the specialties. Swine Dining’s version looks fabulous, with pulled pork, onions, and a vinegar sauce.

I’m not used to criticizing websites as I couldn’t design one if I tried, but the promotions tab would make more sense next to the menu tab. I’m just saying.

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