S’porean leaves gourmet restaurants and returns to the school canteen to create his own company

What is your plus Nostalgic canteen food? Most of us probably only had to choose between fried fast food, fried rice and noodles, nasi lemak and a form of rice with dishes.

But sometimes there would be certain schools whose fortunate students would have food like sushi and pizza.

Through a Publish on his Facebook page, Chan Chun Sing, Minister of Education of Singapore share the story of Pale, who returned to his alma mater to operate a canteen stand.

The popular stand at Boon Lay Secondary School, Singapore, serves western fusion dishes who are often a treat in public or government schools.

Some dishes include black pepper pasta, tom yum pasta and cajun chicken.

How fancy. The students there must be so excited for recess!

Wan’s journey

According to the minister, Wan, 28, sued culinary studies and worked in gourmet restaurants after graduating from high school.


He wanted first gain experience before returning to Boon Lay Secondary for opened its stand 3 years ago.

“Starting a business at 25 takes courage. With #COVID19 over the past 2 years, Wan has also had to contend with some hard month when home learning was to begin. But he shared that “Things are back to normal” said the politician.

It’s been 3 years, and we hope Wan’s booth will be keep serving delicious food to students at Boon Lay Secondary.

If only our canteens also had this variety of delicious dishes!

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