Snakes and Lattes board game cafe opens in downtown Guelph

Board game enthusiasts and others looking for entertainment have a new option available to them in Guelph.

Snakes and Lattes board game cafe, a small North American chain, opened a store in Upper Wyndham Street late last week, providing people with a safe place to play, socialize and expand their gaming knowledge.

“We are looking to truly provide an experience for our customers,” said Director Bradley. Sivyer. “If people want to come and play the games they know and don’t really need our help or assistance, that’s fine. But if you come here… and want an experience with something a little different or more in-depth, that’s what we’re here for.

Guelph is now home to seventh place in the chain, with three in Toronto and three more south of the border.

A smooth opening took place last Friday, with hours on Saturday and Sunday as well.

“It went pretty well” Sivyer said of the audience’s response. “It definitely gave me a little bit of enthusiasm, a little bit of hope that with word of mouth and some things we will be successful here.

“It might not have been the busiest early days but it’s not really a concern for me. As long as we build on it and keep going, it’s going to be fine. “

Customers pay an entrance fee, which gives them access to nearly 500 board games. They can sit and play for as long as they want, or until the cafe’s opening hours are over for the day. Food and drinks, including variety of alcohol, are available for purchase.

Snakes and Lattes is closed Monday and Tuesday of each week, with hours largely in the evening and at night on other days. It is open at 4 p.m. daily, with closings on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 11 p.m.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, the doors remain open until 1 a.m. the next day.

There are three levels of color-coded game complexity for customers: green for the types of games that people are most familiar with or that are easily understood by newcomers, yellow indicates that returning players are unlikely to have no problem and the red “homework games” that require advance planning.

“It’s more about your in-depth and really intense strategy or campaign games,” Sivyer explained red label games.

After use, the games are quarantined for a period of time, based on public health guidelines at the time.

The location, 99 Wyndham St. N., is nothing new to board game enthusiasts. It previously housed The Boardroom, which closed in 2019.

“I am extremely delighted that it has finally opened,” said Mark MacKinnon, who was one of the original owners of The Boardroom, of Snakes and Lattes open. “Guelph needs some entertainment and the board game cafes are fantastic – great value, they connect the community.

“All the reasons I wanted to open the board game café, even though I can’t get it to work, still exist. “

As a city advisers and downtown business owners MacKinnon and co-owner Rodrigo Goller found themselves in a conflict of interest on various issues, so they convinced the rest of the owner group to approach Snakes and Lattes on the takeover of the business.

The boardroom closed in 2019, with plans in place for Snakes and Lattes open in a few months.

“So all that COVID things have happened, ”said Sivyer.

“They had planned to do this before the pandemic and had already invested a lot in it. At some point you have to decide to go, ”he said when asked why the decision to open now was made. “They made a commitment to this place and had already worked a lot on it before the pandemic struck. “

In an effort to cut costs for regulars, plans are underway to create a membership program, Sivyer said, with efforts underway to establish event evenings and regular events as well.

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