Savor more Sarnies at the new, leafy downtown Soi Tonson cafe (photos)

Fans of downtown Sarnies coffee, baked goods and hearty brunches will no longer have to travel to Charoen Krung now that they’re available at his new hangout tucked away on a leafy road in downtown Bangkok.

After more than three years in its gorgeous riverside shop, the trendy cafe has added another outpost called Sarnies Roastery which is just a short walk from BTS Chit Lom down in Soi Tonson.

“Over the past few months a lot of people have been in defensive mode, but we’ve been in construction mode,” said Benjamin Lee, Australian founder of Sarnies who worked inside the cafe.

Outside of the new spot, there are even more exciting projects to come, according to Lee, including Sarnies Sourdough, a bakery-focused music studio and record label.

But back to the roasting itself.

Unlike his riverside excavations, the new space is adorned with a pine interior to honor his self (your sound meaning “pine forest”). On a Friday afternoon, the cafe was packed with customers – a mix of coffee-hoppers cursed by ever-hungry Instagram feeds and a few souls working on laptops.

Sarnies roasting

The name of the place appears clearly in a corner, where two roasters produce fresh beans daily. The shop offers the full selection of single-origin beans, many of which come from northern Thailand, as well as some fan-favorite blends such as medium-light roasted fruit. Smooth criminal (THB399 / 250 grams) and medium-dark Mr. Dark Side (THB439 / 250 grams) which offers a bold and smoky flavor.

For customers who want to modernize their home coffee game, a wooden shelf up to the ceiling awaits them before they return home. The list of “signature coffees” would not be complete without a Dirty coffee (THB115) – a popular item with two shots of espresso poured into a pool of cold milk. He goes very well with a not so simple croissant with cashew butter & grilled raisins (160 THB).

Either way, those who want to grab a new breed of caffeine should definitely give White coffee lemonade (THB100) a try. The sparkling, tangy drink is brilliantly made up of lemonade infused with milk and coffee and served in a wine glass with a few coffee beans floating on it (“So remember you’re drinking coffee!” Eric said).

White Coffee Lemonade (THB100)
White Coffee Lemonade (100 THB).

Besides drinks, Sarnies has a long list of items ranging from salad, sandwiches, and pasta. Sarnies – it’s British slang for sandwiches – come in variety with a choice of breads like sourdough, focaccia or sesame bagel. Ruben sandwich (330 THB) smoked pastrami with sauerkraut and mustard. It is served both in high quality and in large quantity.

Ruben Sandwich (330 THB)
Ruben Sandwich (330 THB).

Don’t want to get your fingers dirty? Fine. Sarnies’ kitchen has other items in store. One of them is Miso pesto pasta (THB 330), a variation on the classic pesto recipe that adds the traditional Japanese seasoning with smoked tomato and homemade labneh and served with thick and chewy sourdough pici pasta.

Pasta with miso pesto, smoked tomato and labneh (330 THB)
Pasta with miso pesto, smoked tomato and labneh (330 THB).

Don’t underestimate a selection focused on vegetables like Roasted beet salad (280 THB). Its intriguing blend of earthy grilled beet wedges, tangy roasted oranges and nutty crunch shouldn’t disappoint. The goat cheese drizzled on top takes it to another delicious level.

Sarnies Roastery is located in Soi Tonson. It is currently open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Hours of operation may be extended to accommodate dinner at a later date.

Roasted beet salad (280 THB).  Photo: Coconut Bangkok
Roasted Beet Salad (280 THB).
Sarnies roasting
A wooden shelf up to the ceiling inside the Sarnies rotisserie
Cashew Butter and Grilled Raisin Croissant (160 THB)
Cashew Butter and Grilled Raisin Croissant (160 THB).

Sarnies roasting

Sarnies roasting

Sarnies roasting

Sarnies roasting

Sarnies roasting
7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day
34/1 Self Your Son, Lumphini, Pathum Wan
BTS Chit Lom


Charoen Krung’s Trendy Sarnies Café to Open Roast in Chidlom

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