Roadside restaurant Vic’s Cafe J41 was robbed while the owner was on vacation

The thief stole £150 from the float and tip jar.

Vic’s Cafe J41 owner Vicky North said £150 was taken from the float, tip and coffee pot.

The incident allegedly happened while Vicky was on holiday in Greece between July 30 and August 8.

Vicky said the criminal who targeted the roadside restaurant must have entered the cafe through a “thin opening” in the metal railings behind the cafe.

She also said there is evidence that they tried to hack into the cabin wall to get in, but were unsuccessful.

Instead, the kitchen window grill was cut, “all for 50 pounds”, she said.

Vicky said: ‘There’s an old window that’s been boarded up. You can’t get in there, but they tried to take it out.

“If they had succeeded, they would have stolen a lot more.

“I lost a day of work. I was supposed to open on Tuesday but couldn’t because I had to deal with the police.

” I feel tired. I am on a rest area and in the summer I feel good but in the winter I have doubts.

Vicky added: “They are petty thieves who came when I was not there.

“I doubt they’ll come back, they probably won’t target the same spot twice.

“I will no longer leave any floaters in place.”

Vicky has owned Junction 41 Cafe since August 2020.

The cafe is at Junction 41 on the north side of the A650 and is open 7am-2pm Monday-Friday and 7am-1pm Saturday.

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