Restaurant Week DC: gastronomy accessible to students

Those looking to escape the cold and immerse themselves in DC’s delicious and diverse food scene have found just that at Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Association half-yearly Restaurant week.

Originally founded to promote local restaurants after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, this event has grown into an exciting opportunity for DC residents and foodies to explore the city’s wide variety of culinary offerings and support businesses local.

This year, about 250 local restaurants took part in Restaurant Week from January 17-23, each designing a special menu that offered customers a variety of three-course meals. These meals were reasonably priced at $25 per person for lunch or brunch and $40-$55 per person for dinner. From Italian to Thai and Mexican cuisine, the choices were seemingly endless with something to suit every craving. They also represented the incredible cultural diversity of the city, with dishes and chefs from all over the world.

Restaurant Week has taken on added importance over the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit the restaurant industry particularly hard due to government restrictions and health concerns. For many restaurants, Restaurant Week is a crucial opportunity to boost business and maintain the culture of one of the countries best gastronomic cities. Most restaurants offered takeout to accommodate those who did not feel comfortable dining out during the push for the Omicron variant.

Restaurant week can seem daunting to a college student. The name conjures up an image in and of itself: tables covered in linen cloth, sparkling cutlery neatly wrapped in silk napkins and customers in suits and high-level diplomatic jobs. This scene would seem odd to those of us used to the terrace dining room with its disappointing food and brash fluorescent lighting. Most often on weekends, students look for restaurants and eateries that offer tasty but inexpensive food and drink. This usually means the fast food options in Tenleytown or nearby neighborhoods.

Restaurant Week offers an escape into the wider DC community and an opportunity to slow down mealtimes. For the full experience, it is recommended to find a few friends to enjoy the meal with. In our workaholic culture, meals are often spent alone, bites are rushed between classes and, even worse, lunch is eaten while walking. Meals, however, are a crucial part of our regeneration as students and Restaurant Week provides that break in which you can enjoy the therapeutic process of enjoying a meal with loved ones.

It’s a right of passage for those who have recently moved to DC, as food is such an integral part of city life. evolution. DC has 23 restaurants with Michelin stars, highlighting the rich culinary traditions that prevail in the city. Thanks to the interactive and easy-to-use restaurant week website, you can browse the many options, some of which are Michelin star restaurants or restaurants that feature DC favorites. On the website, you can filter the search according to your preferences.

For DC students and residents, Restaurant Week remains an easy and affordable way to support local businesses. For those who didn’t have the chance to participate this winter, the next Restaurant Week should happen again. this august.

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