Pontypridd’s quirky cafe that sells waffle hot dogs

A Pontypridd cafe specializing in waffles has launched a new delicacy, called the Waffle Dog.

The Sinner’s Club at the Chain House opened late last year after the premises remained closed for months.

The popular town venue was transformed into a cocktail and waffle bar in 2021, and the team have been working hard to attract diners since opening its doors before Christmas.

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In 2018, Chain House opened and proved very popular with locals and visitors as it produced various delicious gourmet dishes.

It has since opened and closed, with FAB Burgers trading there before the Sinner’s Club took over.

In an attempt to tempt customers with tasty and innovative waffles, he has now launched a brand new snack which is quickly starting to grab people’s attention. It’s called the Waffle Dog.

The Waffle Dog is basically a hot dog, but with a twist. The sausage is waffle coated unlike your standard bun.

You can also choose to top it with ketchup and mustard if you fancy going American-style. A taste of the United States is available right here in Ponty!

There is also a vegan option

“We are officially taking delivery of our regular and vegan hot dogs,” the Sinner’s Club team said.

“It’s official, the Waffle Dogs have landed.

“Both regular and vegan. Oh, and the regulars are gluten-free too!

“Be one of the first to taste them – you won’t regret it.”

After a few days of showcasing the new additions to the menu, Sinner’s Club said they were already “very popular”, and vegan dogs have been more popular than the meat option so far.

You can get a waffle dog for £3.50 or get two for £6.

The Sinner’s Club at Chain House is on Bridge Street, Pontypridd, and you can find out more about what’s on offer at the restaurant here.

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