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July 6, 2022

A popular business specializing in plant-based, vegan and raw foods is expanding into a downtown cafe.

Emily Wilson started Bee Loved Kitchen in late 2019. She had moved to Sioux Falls from Oregon with a passion for raw food and was looking for a way to bring it to Sioux Falls.

“I saw how it changed my health from the inside, and I loved this lifestyle,” she said.

When she moved to Sioux Falls six years ago, “it was hard to find places to eat and other like-minded people,” she said. “But once I started doing what I was passionate about, I felt like I could be my most authentic self and I started to fit in.”

She launched Bee Loved just before the pandemic hit, offering a five-day raw food transformation program, and “it was busy from the start,” she said. “I couldn’t have imagined that would be the case. I knew no one would probably want to eat cold food in the dead of winter, and launched in the middle of a snowstorm with a five-day reset, but I had 26 people signed up.

And then the pandemic set in, and his business took off even more.

“It was oddly a good thing,” she said. “I like to think outside the box and when there is an obstacle or a problem, to understand it.”

At the time, her business revolved around cooking classes and home meal prep, both of which have come to a halt. So she “quickly launched the business online to offer healthy meals delivered to homes,” she said. “And it exploded. It got crazy. I really feel like that’s what helped the business gain traction and bring in new customers, spread the food and spread the word. We were so busy preparing and delivering food and all day and all night.

She has two employees who help in the kitchen and another who grows the food and does social media marketing.

The company currently prepares meals sold in select grocery stores, a cafe and a yoga studio, as well as orders online.

“I have juices, smoothies, raw food, and you have ready-to-go meals a few days at a time,” Wilson said. “And we’re at the Farmers Market (in Falls Park) which has been fun getting out of the kitchen and meeting people.”

Starting a cafe was a dream, she says. She plans to open The Bee Loved Kitchen – Healing Food Cafe – in the new Steel District development next to Falls Park West.

“I love the community. I love connecting with people. I love creating an experience and an environment where people can feel at home,” Wilson said. people eat and not just to provide a meal or a diet, but to change how they connect to food and how it affects their health.”

While she is still developing the menu, it will include breakfast and lunch and possibly gourmet weekend dinners. Customers can also take out meals and take courses there.

“I have a lot of ideas,” she said. “We will introduce pastries and ready meals, tea and coffee and kombucha drinks, and there will be raw food, but we will also offer vegan ready meals. We’re looking at smoothies, cold pressed juices, pancakes, smoothie bowls, a burger, wraps, salads, soups and stews.

His cafe will open next year, along with many other Steel District tenants.

“I’ve always been drawn to downtown, no matter what city I’ve lived in,” she says. “Downtown is where I call home, and if you look at other cities that have a vegan or raw cafe, they’re always downtown. And with the Levitt and the skating rink that’s found there, it felt like home.

The Bee Loved Kitchen is the first retailer to announce for the building where it will be located in the Steel District. Other restaurants by Twin Cities-based restaurateur Josh Thoma will occupy the first floor of the nine-story mixed-use office building as part of the development, and there will be multiple dining spaces in the Canopy by Hilton hotel.

“This development can support a wide variety of dining options, considering the thousands of people who will live, work and stay on site,” said Raquel Blount, vice president of commercial real estate for the Steel developer. District, Lloyd Cos.

“The Bee Loved Kitchen is such an exciting addition, not just for Steel District, but for our entire community. There’s a huge movement behind plant-based meals, and this is going to deliver that to Sioux Falls from a wonderful local owner.

The Steel District has a strong interest in its remaining retail space, Blount said.

“And we’re still about a year away from being able to open, so that’s very encouraging and reflects the strength of this development and the whole downtown area,” she said. “This space is suitable for everyone, from clothing and accessories to specialty retail and services. It won’t be long before The Bee Loved Kitchen has plenty of company.

With Veg Fest, the Sioux Falls area shines a spotlight on the burgeoning plant-based food scene

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