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The couple obsessed with good pastries who founded the iconic The Penny For Pound brand in 2016 expanded its baking empire to include a second location. Ben Wilson and Matilda Smith started baking in their humble kitchen, but their sweet creations quickly earned them a loyal, baking-obsessed fan base. Penny For Pound’s brand new flagship store is a far cry from its first hole-in-the-wall Bridge Road location in Richmond.

Housed in the restored Morris Moor building, the 800 square meter Moorabbin site is designed to make guests feel like they are part of the process. You can enjoy your pastries on the pale pink tables and olive green booths while enjoying the view of the rolling room dedicated to croissants. Watch the masters at work as they use the traditional pastry technique of layering layers of butter with risen dough, to create those perfectly textured layers.

The colorful coffee tones are balanced with a warm color palette from the Tasmanian oak accents and terrazzo floors. Cabinets are always stocked with an array of Penny For Pound repertoire stars, lemon curd-filled cruffins, fruit danishes, as well as their strawberry cheesecake croissants popping up.

However, the space is not limited to pastries, the new 120-seat cafe also offers Axil Coffee at the bar as well as a full dinner menu, expect brunch staples like mashed avocado with curd from smoked goat cheese, eggs Benedict with thick Kaiserfleisch and potato, to pan-fried gnocchi that warm up the winter with simmered mushroom ketchup and smoked hazelnuts.

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Image credit: Penny For Pound (provided)

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