Opening a new green lane cafe should be a priority

The newly refurbished old station building in Streamstown.

Westmeath County Council has been asked to ensure that a new cafe in the old Streamstown railway station, alongside the greenway, is open by May 1 next.

That was the view put forward by Fine Gael’s Tom Farrell, who asked the timing of the opening of the new cafe, at the last Athlone-Moate Borough meeting, and what kind of interest there is had had in the business.

It comes after expressions of interest were recently solicited through Westmeath County Council’s Local Enterprise Office to provide the cafe service, with a closing date of April 1.

“The season will come very quickly and I think it should be open yesterday in itself,” said Cllr Farrell.

Although she doesn’t have exact numbers, District Manager Jackie Finney told the monthly meeting that there was “very good interest” in the company and that expressions of interest submitted will now be submitted. assessed by staff.

Once the evaluation process is complete, they would be in a better position to take stock of the timeline, she said.

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