North Vancouver Coffee Vaccine Passport Showdown Gathers Community Support

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A North Vancouver cafe is inundated with support after a video posted online showed a man confronting the owner about proof of the vaccination requirement last month.

Surveillance footage shared on social media shows a man walking past the Kenaize Cafe then stopping to ask if proof of vaccine is required for dinner.

“Hey. Hey. Do you need the vaccine to eat here?” The man is heard saying, before banging on the window to get the owner’s attention.

“You write here for customers to eat, you have to get the shot. Is that correct? ”The man continued.

When this was confirmed, the man told the Chinese-Canadian owner that this was a problem because “we are not in China”, while asking for the name of the operator of the company. .

“Sir, I will come here with a news station, thank you,” the man concluded before walking away.

“The key point is that he would ask me my name and then tell me it was not in China. I feel very insulted, ”recalls Kenaize Cafe owner Ken Tan. “I was alone, I did not approach him.”

Currently, people are required to show proof of at least one vaccine to access certain services, events, and businesses, such as licensed restaurants.

Tan says he’s just following the rules, and notes that when BC’s mask warrant first arrived, he faced challenges as well.

“They have no authority,” he said of members of the public who think they can unleash their frustrations on business owners like him. “We are trying to do our part to stop this pandemic … We are doing our best to ensure the safety of my clients, of my family by following the sanitary instructions.”

“I understand from this regulation, if I do nothing at all, they can fine me up to $ 2,000, ”Tan continued, adding,“ For me that’s a lot of money. How can I do this? “

However, he says it’s ultimately not even about the money – he says he’s following health orders because he wants to do his part to end this pandemic.

Support with tips, business

Despite the uneasy feeling the interaction left him with, Tan says that a surge of support from people who saw the video made him feel very appreciated.

“A lot of people have left messages and comments on the site,” Tan told NEWS 1130, adding that many even left $ 20 or $ 30 tips as a result of the confrontation.

“Even someone called us from New West. He said, ‘I know your coffee. It’s too far for me to go. You just have to charge me $ 50 and let the homeless eat their meals, ”he recalls.

“There are a lot of people who support us,” Tan said. “I’m not alone.”

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Many people have expressed their support online, promising to stop for a bite to eat.

“It would be fantastic for all of us to go and give this place a huge commercial boost like lines forming on the door and then it’s covered in the news,” one person wrote on reddit.

“Don’t forget your vaccination record! another user added.

“Alright editors, it’s time to support a local business,” a third comment read.

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