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On a chilly Saturday morning, Kim Cole rushes to her new Crossroads restaurant when she spots other cyclists looking for a place for breakfast.

If you’re hungry, it’s here, she shouts.

They fill two patio tables and attract the attention of a passing couple, who takes another table. Three other people, a family, notice the crowd and stop to browse the menu before they too venture inside.

Cole and chef Robert Wright prepare “hard-boiled” eggs, country potatoes, sausages and “French” sauce. You sweat your onions in butter, ”she says.

“When they see that the restaurant is really empty, they keep walking. But when they see people on the patio, they start to come in, ”Cole said. “What we’re going to do in the winter is sit people at the windows so they can see that the people are there.”

Cole and her husband, Clarence, have built a loyal following for their restaurant business Foodlove Cafe for 15 years. But they had long been looking for the perfect location for a restaurant, bakery, and wine bar in Kansas City.

Diners sit at the bar for brunch at Foodlove Cafe, 2101 Broadway Blvd. Tammy Ljungblad [email protected]

At the end of June, they opened Gourmet coffee at 2101, boulevard Broadway. at Carrefour, serving dishes such as French toast soaked in custard and stuffed with cream cheese and fruit filling, fried chicken with the French pan sauce, and now one of the new fall additions – French onion soup.

Two other restaurants previously had short stays on site, and now a pandemic is raging. Still, the couple have seen sales increase “quite dramatically” every week from the soft opening until the grand opening on August 13.

Then, just days after the celebration, sales plummeted.

Fire Cracker Veggies, a starter at Foodlove Cafe. Using a mobile phone, diners can scan a QR code for a digital menu or request a traditional menu. Tammy Ljungblad [email protected]

“This delta mess was all in the news. We continued to advertise, we continued to push, ”she said. “It was ups and downs. It’s really very busy, or some nights there would be no one for happy hour, no one for dinner. So dead. And we would end up sending (employees) home.

Foodlove Cafe is now seeing “slight” increases every week. Customers prefer the terrace or opt for take-out or delivery mainly via Grubhub. Few choose the dining room.

Staffing was also difficult, with two employees resigning when they did not want to be vaccinated, although the cafe did not have a vaccination mandate.

“When they tell us they are vaccinated, we are delighted. If you’re not, that’s okay, as long as they follow all CDC security codes, ”Cole said.

Foodlove Café, 2101 Broadway Blvd. Tammy Ljungblad [email protected]

She heads to the patio to check on cyclists, discuss rides in the area and if e-bikes are better.

“This is my engine,” Cole said, pointing to his thigh. Cyclists ask for restaurant hours and plan to return.

“I love people so much and I have a ‘mouth’ there. Everyone loves everything. We’re really excited about this part, ”she said. “We just hope people will understand that we have a 100-seat restaurant, big enough for people to lay out and enjoy safe meals indoors. It’s just going to take a while to get rid of the virus. “

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