New dishes: Wu Xing brings fine Chinese cuisine to Clark

Wu Xing is located at the Clark Marriott Hotel in Pampanga. Jeeves of Veyra

CLARK – Pampanga gets a taste of Chinese gastronomy with the opening of Wu Xing at the Clark Marriott hotel in the Hann Resorts complex.

Originally conceptualized as a Cantonese restaurant, Clark Marriott general manager Goeran Soelter lobbied for a full-fledged Beijing duck restaurant with multi-award-winning Chinese chef Raymond Yeung at the helm. of the restaurant.

Chef Wu Xing Raymond Yeung with Peking Duck.  Jeeves of Veyra
Chef Wu Xing Raymond Yeung with Peking Duck. Jeeves of Veyra

“Traditional Chinese cuisine has developed through nearly 500 years of Chinese history. At Wu Xing, we follow the Beijing style of preparing and cooking our Peking duck using specialized equipment from Clark Marriott,” Yeung said.

Yeung’s Peking Duck is marinated and roasted in a traditional Beijing oven using star apple firewood to bring out the flavors and aroma of the duck. The duck is deliciously rich with the trademark crispy skin. The basic option is to prepare it in three ways.

Peking duck rolls.  Jeeves of Veyra
Peking duck rolls. Jeeves of Veyra

The duck is first sliced ​​at the table for diners to admire the glistening fat and enjoy the satisfying crunch as the chef slices the skin to prepare it in rolls with Hoisin and cucumbers.

Lacquered duck cubes.  Jeeves of Veyra
Lacquered duck cubes. Jeeves of Veyra

The duck is then taken out to be diced and made into a garnish for the lettuce. These are larger, meatier pieces than ground duck makes elsewhere, making for a meatier bite. Romaine is also used instead of iceberg lettuce, making it easier to hold and eat.

Fried lacquered duck.  Jeeves of Veyra
Fried lacquered duck. Jeeves of Veyra

What is left of the duck is then fried and served as a separate dish. Duck bones can be made into soup as an option.

Although the duck is the star of Wu Xing’s star, it alone is not enough to make a real Chinese lauriat.

A sample of Wu Xing's entries.  Jeeves of Veyra
A sample of Wu Xing’s entries. Jeeves of Veyra

Check the menu for dim sum and appetizers. Of note are the fried shimeji mushrooms with dried scallops which are addictive while waiting for the main course to come out.

Here’s what else you can try in Wu Xing.

Wu Xing adds a touch of indulgence with the Gold Leaf Shrimp Dumpling in Hot and Sour Soup. Jeeves of Veyra

On the Master’s Selection menu, this fried tiger prawn with prawn mousse needs no dip. Jeeves of Veyra

This preparation of Beef Cheek with Five Spices is very tender with traditional Chinese flavors.

The signature dessert combination consists of crispy, crispy Macau-style egg tart, steamed mochi, and mango sago.

Wu Xing surely adds an upscale option for dining in Pampanga. Function rooms are also available for those looking for private dining or corporate functions.

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