LeftLion – Food Review: Homemade Coffee

Wordsworth wrote a Ode to dutySchiller wrote a Ode to JoyKeats wrote a Ode to autumn. And in the spirit of the great poets, I dedicate this Ode to the Carrot Cake, both my favorite and objectively the best cake there is.

This food review centers on the Homemade Cafe, home to the best carrot cake in Nottingham, and many other cakes from elsewhere. Based inside Forest Recreation Ground, Homemade is (in my humble opinion) a hot spot when it comes to baked goods. Serving freshly baked cakes daily, as well as brunch and lunch options, you can get your hands on Ginger Caramel Sticky Cakes, Biscoff Cakes, Lemon Raspberry Cakes, and more. others.

It should be noted that this fine establishment also offers a range of gluten-free options, and in an unlikely turn of events, they are very good. Gone are the days of dry, slightly stale-tasting gluten-free treats – these cakes are spongy, flavorful and appealing to even the gluten eaters among us. Quite a feat.

Full of dogs, park runners and young families, the cafe always has a happy and pleasant vibe

Back to the point of this review though – the strength of Homemade Carrot Cake is in its frosting, which is the deciding factor when it comes to this particular pudding. Homemade manages to make some of the most delicious frostings I’ve ever tasted, and they’re generous with it too, spreading a thick layer of buttercream on and into the cake. The sponge itself is warm, delicate and flavorful – flawless every time I’ve had it. Finished with a walnut filling, it’s a work of art.

Full of dogs, park runners and young families, the cafe always has a happy and pleasant vibe. The staff are friendly and chatty, and always ready to recommend their favorite pastry. Will I be back? Only every week.


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