KFC Sanders cafe and museum reopens

Sometimes you just crave fried chicken. Sometimes you want the original recipe. And SOMETIMES you want to pick it up where these 11 herbs and spices first came together.

That means you’ll have to pile up the car, truck, SUV, or whatever will transport you and drive to Corbin, Kentucky, the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Sanders Cafe and Museum has reopened and is ready to operate.

In 2019, the legendary restaurant and its museum closed for renovations that were expected to take about nine months. Do the math, and you’ll likely figure out that COVID reared its ugly head and postponed reopening.

But now it is open again and ready for fans to visit.

More than 75 years ago, Colonel Sanders was in the kitchen of Sanders Cafe playing with 11 herbs and spices and mixing them in varying proportions until he found the perfect combination. To this day, it’s a well-kept secret – perhaps one of the most FAMOUS secrets on the planet.

A couple who tour the south and record the highlights have a popular YouTube channel on which they showcased THEIR visit to Sanders Cafe and Museum just before it closed in 2019.

According to SandersCafe.com, the model motel room — one of the museum’s most popular exhibits — has been restored to its original condition. Plus, the museum offers a tour of the kitchen where Sanders mixed these legendary spices AND a tour of the Colonel’s office.

Originally known as Sanders Court, the cafe (pre-museum) was actually just a petrol station. The cafe and the motel were added later. Here is Colonel Sanders from a VERY old video – he died in 1980 – detailing the history and growth of the Sanders Cafe.

Most people don’t realize Corbin is where it all started. This included me until a few years ago. I had in mind it was in Shelbyville, but IT IS the Claudia Sanders Dinner House. I’ve never been there either.

I am told that I am missing BOTH accounts. I have a summer to sort this out, don’t I?

[SOURCE: Corbin Times-Tribune]

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