KFC launches limited-edition 11-course tasting dining experience in Sydney

KFC is not usually associated with the luxury of fine dining, having created its niche in the fast food industry. But for the first time ever, the fried chicken restaurant will depart from its comfort food specialty and dip its toes into the world of tasting.

Tasting (French for “tasting”) is the careful appreciation of high culinary art and food that ignites the senses. The 11-course menu, created in collaboration with British chef Nelly Robinson, will only be available at a secret location in Sydney’s Alexandria from April 1-3, 2022. And no, it’s not April Fool’s Day!

What does the new KFC tasting menu have in store for us?

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The brand’s CMO, Kristi Woolrych, was thrilled to have the opportunity to reimagine the idea of ​​fine dining with Robinson, Australia’s uncrowned tasting king. She says:

“Our fans will experience KFC in ways they never could have imagined, as they are taken on a one-of-a-kind culinary journey that looks and tastes like KFC. We’ve pulled out all the stops. to make it a magical moment and one that our guests will never forget.”

The secret sworn by the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices fast food also extends to the full tasting menu. However, a press release teased the following reimaginings of some iconic classics:

  • Supercharged Wings: Cooked over a bed of charcoal, these are not just supercharged but beautifully charred wings.
  • Potato & Sauce: Blink and you’ll miss it! This dish is a wonder to behold when the sauce candle melts, dip your potato bread in the “wax” and enjoy.
  • Language Tornado: Don’t be shy, there are no rules here! Grab your plate and lick the Colonel’s face to savor the flavors of Kentucky Fried Chicken, tomato, lettuce and pepper mayonnaise.
  • Twister Sister: A new take on our Twister, this one comes with pearl barley risotto, sun-dried tomatoes, pumpkin and, last but not least, our chicken fillets.
  • Chicken popcorn: It’s the popcorn chicken our fans know and love, served with celeriac soup, mushroom gnocchi and basil, all topped with an edible floral garnish.
  • La Di Da Drumstick (AKA Fried Gold): Our iconic original recipe drumstick sprinkled with quinoa and gold, because we don’t call it Fried Gold for nothing.
  • Our Chocolate mousse: Nitrogen-dipped, these scrumptious chocolate mousse bites taste so good and will literally melt in your mouth.
Popcorn Chicken: Served with celeriac soup, mushroom gnocchi and basil, all topped with an edible floral garnish (Image via KFC Australia)
Popcorn Chicken: Served with celeriac soup, mushroom gnocchi and basil, all topped with an edible floral garnish (Image via KFC Australia)

A gastronomic experience like no other

KFC 11-course tasting is coming to Australia next month? Sign me up!

This dining experience sets itself apart from others by encouraging diners to ditch the stuffy label of fine dining. Keeping it “finger-licking good” in essence, diners are encouraged to get their hands dirty as they usually would with their chicken.

As chief patron and owner of Sydney’s nel. Restaurant, Robinson himself is a self-proclaimed Golden Chicken fan. He commented:

“As a lifelong fan, creating an 11-course tasting with their most beloved dishes and taking them to new heights has been a dream come true. For the menu, I took 11 KFC dishes and re-imagined how the flavors and the textures come to life using my expertise in tasting menus to really blow fans away.”

Robinson’s high-end dining adventure is akin to experiencing his own tasting restaurant.

RSVP’d to an 11-course KFC tasting menu created by a top chef at a top Sydney restaurant with matching wines. I’m ready. 🥲🍗🍷

Fans can sign up for a guest list on the KFC Australia website and reserve tables for two or four, from $75 per person. Slots for this gourmet culinary affair will be available from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. April 1-3. Confirmations for these lucky bookings will begin rolling out March 23, 2022.

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