KFC launches fancy 11-course menu with new gourmet restaurant

There has been a stir online after netizens claimed KFC recently raised prices, and now the company appears to be taking it a step further with a brand new venture.

The fast-food giant plans to open a brand new fine-dining restaurant in Sydney, serving fine 11-course meals.

From April 1 through April 3, the chain is teaming up with Nelly Robinson, owner of Surry Hills Restaurant, nel., to offer an upscale take on its traditional menu.

Dishes from the “tasting” restaurant will include supercharged charcoal-grilled wings and popcorn chicken served with celery root soup, mushroom gnocchi and basil.

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Kristi Woolrych, CMO of KFC Australia, said: “We are thrilled to reinvent the idea of ​​fine dining by bringing a fun and above all delicious KFC tasting to Sydney.

“We can’t wait to unveil the full 11-course menu we’ve created in partnership with tasting expert, Nelly Robinson, to show that our Kentucky Fried Chicken is worthy of a fine dining experience.

KFC launches fancy 11-course menuKFC Australia

“Our fans will experience KFC in ways they never could have imagined as they are taken on a one-of-a-kind culinary journey that looks and tastes like KFC.

“We did everything to make it a magical moment that our guests will never forget.”

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The new pop-up will open in SydneyKFC Australia

The restaurant has partnered with chef Nelly RobinsonKFC Australia

It comes after a viral TikTok saw a man share his shock at KFC’s prices after discovering the prices on the menu – and viewers seemed to agree.

TikToker Don C (@eyedealistic.don) posted images taken from his car with a drive-thru menu on display and shared his surprise at the cost of food.

In the clip, he says, “I know I don’t polish, but that shit got higher than a ****** mother.”

“$57 for a 16 piece and 8 cookies,” Don added. “I’m taking my bitch to dinner, bro.”

The menu in the video shows that an 8-piece family meal with two large sides and four biscuits costs £27.56 [$35.99]a 12-piece family meal with three large sides and six biscuits costs £35.99 [$46.99]while the 16-piece family meal with four large sides and eight biscuits will set you back £44.04 [$57.49].

Meanwhile, some Brits seem a bit jealous after seeing KFC American food online – including pot pie and ‘crispy chicken’.

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