Kathleen Edwards at the Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis (2021-09-09)

Canadian singer-songwriter Kathleen edwards stopped by the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis on September 9, 2021, as part of her tour for Total freedom (Two-tone recordings).

Although the show was presented with the Irish singer and songwriter Mick flannery, it should really be listed as Mick Flannery and Susan O’Neill, as the duo played mostly songs from their collaboration album, In the game… who “just released a few hours agoO’Neill announced. They were quite proud of the record, and it shows when they perform the songs live with love.

Just to give a little insight on Susan o’neill, she started as a performer with Ennis Brass Band, and later with an Irish dance group King Kong Company, and released music under its acronym SON.

O’Neill collaborated with an award-winning artist and double platinum Mick flannery, to produce the 2020 single “Baby Talk”, which won the award for “Best Original Song of the Year” at the prestigious RTÉ Radio 1 Award and has accumulated nearly a million streams to date.

The duo continued the formula and worked on In the game, written and recorded during the summer of 2020 during the lockdown between Cork, Ireland and Los Angeles.

O’Neill mostly sang and harmonized, but sometimes put out a trumpet (for “Are We Free?”) Or put out a harmonica (for “Freedom”). Flannery held on to the keyboard and told stories about their songs.

Flannery seemed lost in the music and when he realized the time he abruptly announced that “this is definitely our last song”, as they ended their brief 30 minute set with “Love You Like I Love You “.

It’s been 13 years since we saw Kathleen edwards, during his promotional tour for Ask for flowers. .. this is mainly because Edwards quit music in 2014 to focus on running a cafe called Quitters. She insisted that she hadn’t “quit”, but was just taking a break from music and the name was mostly “tongue-in-cheek”.

So eight long years after his last album Traveler, Edwards came back with his album Total freedom.

A lot has changed since we last saw her in 2008, apparently she is no longer married to a guitarist. Colin Cripps. Based on the fact that Cripps is part of his current touring group, the two are still good friends. In fact, after “Options Open” was played, Edwards joked, “I was married to this guy … Funny how after our divorce suddenly he doubles his court fees!”

With strict COVID-19 precautions and lack of promotion for the new record, Edwards was still happy with the turnout. She smiled and said, “Well, look at this! You guys, f *****, have arrived! ”

It’s been a long time, but it’s good to have Kathleen Edwards back with her rude mouth and all.

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