Jollibee’s Chickenjoy is the best fast food fried chicken in the United States – Manila newsletter

Jollibee Foods Corporation reported that its flagship brand bestseller Chickenjoy was named one of the best fast food fried chickens by US online magazine on the occasion of National Fried Chicken Day in America. .

In its article titled Best Fast Food Fried Chicken, ranked, RedBook Magazine hailed the “Crisp and Juicy” Chickenjoy as America’s fourth favorite fried chicken, beating its other competitors which include some of the US-based fast food giants. United

“We couldn’t be happier with this recognition because it shows that our Chickenjoy is truly world class. We see customers continue to come in droves to our stores because of their love for Chickenjoy, ”said Rowel Vijandre, JFC President for North America.

He noted that “this is also the reason Jollibee North America continues to do well and outperform the fast food industry with positive system-wide sales growth despite the pandemic. We are grateful to our customers and will always be happy to serve them the best Chickenjoy they deserve.

The post also mentioned that Jollibee is the Filipino fried chicken chain “which is about to conquer the United States”.

He further wrote: “If you’re skeptical, check out this recent New York Times story announcing the chain’s first Manhattan location earlier this year. “The pleasures of Chickenjoy, as it’s called, are immediate: the skin sheath is as craggy as love at first sight, nooks and crunches multiply.” Uh, I’ll have some, please! Chickenjoy is served in buckets of bone-in pieces, or you can opt for Chicken Dippers, which are the boneless offerings.

This is not the first time that the Jollibee Chickenjoy has been recognized as one of the tastiest fried chickens. Publications such as Foodbeast, Yahoo Singapore, and South China Morning Post all touted it as the best fried chicken.

Jollibee has also been named one of the best international food chains by publications like Thrillist and The Daily Meal.

It also earned praise from the late chef Anthony Bourdain, who called the brand “the wackiest and happiest place on the planet”.

Jollibee has 45 stores in the United States and will open additional branches in Florida, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Texas, Nevada, California and Hawaii. It also has 10 stores in Canada and plans to expand its operations to additional branches in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec in 2020.



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