James Sommerin opens a new gourmet restaurant in Penarth

James Sommerin will be opening a new dining experience in Penarth almost a year after the closure of his Michelin-starred seaside restaurant in the city.

Home, the new Stanwell Road restaurant, will provide an immersive experience for diners who will have to ring the doorbell to enter the room, which will have blackout windows and cooking will be done in an open kitchen by James and his daughter Georgia. The couple worked closely and at the start of the pandemic championed the Feed the NHS movement from their former restaurant.

The opening of Home comes after the success of The Shed at Barry’s Good Shed and before that, a difficult year that left Michelin-starred chef James wondering if he wanted to run a restaurant again.

Last July, his seaside restaurant in Penarth closed its doors after months of closure, which meant no money was coming in to pay rent, as the company also failed to hit the cut-off point. ‘financial aid.

James said: “When I closed the restaurant it put me in a state of mind where I didn’t know if I could do it again – it really upset me and made me wonder if I could do it again. could do it again. “

The sudden shutdown saw the team face backlash over the outstanding coupons, which James honestly spoke about. “It really hit us hard,” he said. “We never came into this game to do that kind of thing to anyone.

“We had bad reactions about the good ones – but we lost everything. All of our livelihoods, the salvaged cars, everything, because we went from something that worked amazingly to… nothing.

“And if it hadn’t been for the fact that I had rented the house, I too would have lost a house.”

The house will open next month

James is aiming to regain his Michelin star for Home, which opens on August 18 and serves four-course lunches and an eight-course tasting menu.

“We took the venue in January and the whole thing behind it is that we want to deliver an incredible dining experience,” said the chef, who will work alongside Georgia, who represented Wales last year. on the Great British Menu, as well as his wife Louise, daughter Angharad and another member of staff.

Chef James and his daughter Georgia who will once again be side by side in the kitchen
Chef James and his daughter Georgia who will once again be side by side in the kitchen

“Our old place was a very nice restaurant but it was a beast. We used to sit 50 covers and that relied on a huge amount of staff. I wanted to be able to deliver something completely different.

“We’ve designed a restaurant where you’ll be completely immersed in Home. It’s a tasting-only menu, not a la carte, and the menu will be a surprise. We just want to create an amazing environment.

“You can’t see anything from the road, it’s no longer a goldfish bowl – we’ve blacked out the window and it keeps things private. When you come to us, you live our experience.”

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The menu will change seasonally and will also meet different dietary needs, which should be noted when booking.

It is an exciting time for James and his family team, who are delighted with the support they have received for their new business.

James added: “It’s just phenomenal to be honest people want us to get back on our feet.”

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