Italian-Japanese cuisine comes to Cairo with ‘NI’ café

Park St. in Sheikh Zayed is the new spot in the Egyptian culinary world, buzzing with dazzling cosmopolitan flair and an eclectic mix of upscale restaurants. Now a new fine dining restaurant has popped up, offering an exciting fanfare of classic Italian and Japanese dishes. ‘Ni’ plays all the beloved dishes of every kitchen with a sophisticated touch that appeals to all palettes.

Make no mistake, this is not a fusion restaurant. Nor does not try to merge Italian and Japanese flavors. Instead, he offers them side by side, allowing each dish to shine in its most authentic form. The restaurant offers a varied menu borrowing their most emblematic dishes from both cuisines. Sushi? To verify. Pasta? To verify. Pizza? You bet.

The grilled sea bass at Ni

Our essential items? To start, whet your appetite with their crispy spicy salmon, coated in panko breadcrumbs and fried for a delicious crispy exterior that makes for an incredibly smooth bite of fresh salmon. Also be sure to order a serving of their Rock Shrimp, served with a slightly spicy mayo-based sauce. In terms of main courses, they serve an average Eggplant Parm, raised to gourmet standards with a robust sauce and tons of fresh mozz. Do you feel even more bourgeois? They have a superb truffle pizza with an incredibly thin and crispy crust and a cream based truffle sauce that will have you asking for seconds.

“Ni offers Japanese and Italian cuisine. We are not a concept of fusion. We have Japanese articles and Italian articles because a lot of people think we are a merger. No, we offer this kitchen and this kitchen. Our location is at Park St. – it’s a very large place. We have an open kitchen with a section for pasta, sushi, pizza, drinks and desserts, ”Marketing Director Ahmed Seddik told SceneEats.

Sushi at Ni

Designed with modern furnishings, simple wood accents, and soft lighting, Ni has a lively, sophisticated, and welcoming vibe, perfect for group gatherings or even an intimate date. Besides the magnificent layout, Ni stands out from similar places with its exceptional service and knowledgeable staff.

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