Fried chicken meets fine dining

Paired wines are coming, and what winery wouldn’t be thrilled to hear it’s been deemed the best accompaniment to fried chicken? Or, indeed, the Zinger Trevally. Robinson told us that this controversial creation was the subject of much disagreement with the powers that be, who weren’t convinced the fish belonged on a KFC menu.

“It went on and on until I won,” Robinson said.

A “Tongue Twister” features the face of Colonel Sanders.

A Twister follows in two parts; first, Colonel Sanders’ face is drawn on a plate with aromas of tomato, lettuce, pepper mayonnaise and KFC. It can only be eaten as a lick – perhaps another gastronomic first – and precedes a mini Twister topped with pearl barley risotto, sun-dried tomatoes and Manchego cheese in a spinach tortilla, adorned with a edible flower “just to make it fancy”.

We move on to this matching pick – a reimagining of the humble delicacy of chicken popcorn. Here, chicken bites are dipped in a roasted garlic mushroom soup that also hosts small cushions of mushroom gnocchi, topped with parsley crisps.

At this point, enthusiasm for fried chicken may begin to wane, beaten down by attrition, but the main event is yet to come; an original recipe drumstick rolled in fried “golden quinoa”. No contemporary tasting would be complete without quinoa, but this rocky getup isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Acacia seed ice cream dessert is popular at our table, and we imagine ourselves shamelessly asking an unhappy teenage cashier at George Street KFC for it at 3:30 a.m. after a night out.

The British-born Robinson loves gadgets; he previously created a Disney-inspired tasting menu and Aussie feast with dishes like ‘focaccia vegemite’ and ‘sausage sizzle bunnings’.

It’s obviously not vegetarian, and unlikely to win many Michelin stars, but there’s no doubt that this KFC caper is a bit of fun. It’s fast food for the Instagram generation and, surprisingly, it works – even the picky foodies at our table were suitably impressed.

You will also avoid the grease trap; there’s surprisingly little need for the cooling wipe when eating fried chicken with a knife and fork.

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