Former employee of the fast food chain is now living her dreams

The new Brewbakers cafe and bakery in San Isidro, Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte. MindaNews photo by Roel N. Catoto

GIGAQUIT, Surigao del Norte (MindaNews / May 25) – Who would have thought that an employee of a fast food chain would end up owning bakeries and cafes?

Rose Arquina Papeleras-Tesiorna, a 29-year-old businesswoman from Barangay San Isidro here, said: “I haven’t figured out yet that I’m already here. I still can’t believe it.

She was a fourth year nursing student at the Surigao Education Center in 2008 when she got pregnant and had to interrupt her studies and said goodbye to her dream of becoming a healthcare professional.

A few months after Rose gave birth, she began working as a member of Jollibee’s service team at Gaisano Capital in Surigao City, earning P 28 per hour, barely enough to make ends meet.

More often than not, as a breadwinner, she worked too hard, in fact more than eight hours a day. But being one of the pioneering employees in the branch of the said fast food chain has been such a learning opportunity for her, especially in the food industry.

“I’m the kind of employee who works with passion. I have made every customer I have served come home very satisfied and want to come back, then come back, ”Rose shares her work ethic.

However, staying with the same company could not support herself, let alone her family. So she decided to leave Surigao and go to Cebu to find her place in the sun. “When I arrived in the big city, I was really struggling with my ex-husband and our first child because I couldn’t find a job right away. I guess it’s because I didn’t have a college degree. I felt rejected, to say the least, ”she recalls.

But that didn’t stop her from continuing. Rose remained optimistic and unwavering in the search for a job, until one day she was finally accepted into one of the largest real estate development companies in Cebu in October 2014, as a specialist in l ‘immovable.

She had virtually no industry expertise to her credit.

Bro. Nick Penados blesses the building of Rose Aquina Papeleras-Tesiorna. MindaNews photo by Roel N. Catoto

“It was extremely difficult for me, because I had to sell a total of 4 million pesos in four months, so I couldn’t help but wonder if I could do it, given the amount which seemed impossible to find. ” the then neophyte real estate specialist and now a successful businesswoman recounts.

Considering her inner talent and passion for the job, Rose managed to exceed the quota. In her first few months of testing, she was able to sell over a whopping P17 million properties.

She shares: “Nothing is impossible with determination, perseverance, creativity and prayer.

Rose used her intelligence to the best of her ability in order to not only meet but also exceed expectations. She was an academic achievement at the time, graduating as a grade school major, not to mention receiving several awards. She was, in fact, the only recipient of the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award in the town of Gigaquit, an award given by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Today, Rose is proud to have made her dream come true, a three-story apartment building in Barangay San Isidro. She spent at least 8 million pesos to fulfill her dream of starting her own bakery and cafe.

“I chose this company not only because I enjoy cooking tasty meals, but also to provide employment opportunities for my people in Gigaquit,” she admits.

Rose could have installed the building in Surigao City, the capital of Surigao del Norte (over 50 kilometers away), but, according to her, nothing beats seeing her dream come true in a small town that saw her dream big and start small.

Due to its location in the middle of the paddy field, it has both heard and received comments as well as criticism, to which Rose humbly responded: “Just because the majority of people in our town are poor does not mean that we can’t build something like that in our neighborhood. It is living proof of my testimony that nothing is impossible as we strive to reach the peak of our dreams and pray for God to guide us.

For example, the three-story Brewbakers Café and Bakery opened its doors to coffee lovers and bread lovers on May 13th. It is located along the national road in Barangay San Isidro.

Rose, her owner, swears to remain humble despite her success. For her, boasting “will only bring me down, for blessings will come only to the humble and not to the arrogant.”

She promised to work harder so that she could continue to help more people.

Roy Pepino, a former US Navy resident now residing in this town, says of Rose, “She was my scholar. I supported his studies. And I loved this young girl because she made sure to listen to my advice. So now I am very proud of her for having finally triumphed in her dreams and aspirations. (Roel N. Catoto / MindaNews)



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