Fast food giant Subway apologizes over salaries of trial staff in York

A fast food restaurant has apologized after claiming two teenagers were not paid after working trial shifts.

Jasmine Lord, 17, of York, said she worked a four-hour test shift at York Designer Outlet’s Subway store on July 7.

After the shift, Jasmine said she contacted the store to find out when she would be paid at the rate of £ 4.55 for under 18s – however, she said the store manager refused to let her know. pay.

She added that her friend also did a test shift at the Subway Pavement store in the downtown store and was also told she would not be paid for her work.

The company has since confirmed that it will pay both Jasmine and her friend for their work and has apologized to them.

Jasmine added, “They told me they weren’t ready to pay me and the food they gave me was my salary.

“My friend, who also did a four hour trial shift at the Pavement Subway store, was also refused payment.

“I just think it’s very tough, especially in the current climate. Jobs are scarce and – especially for young people – I felt like I was being used.

“I am amazed that a large UK company like Subway, which is very profitable, cannot pay its staff for their work.

“They had the nerve to ask me to come back for a second quarter test, but I just politely declined.”

Jasmine’s father, Alasdair Lord, said he contacted Subway after his daughter told him about the situation.

He said he was appalled to receive a standard response that mentioned their mutual respect for their workers and added that these questions were about the franchisee and not the Subway company.

The initial response to Mr. Lord indicated that the Subway chain “does not contract with store employees; it is the responsibility of the franchisee who owns the business.

He added: “As such, the Subway chain does not oversee individual employment contracts between franchisees and their staff, but expects its franchisees to operate legitimately in accordance with their franchise agreement.”

However, Mr Lord said he received a subsequent email from Subway apologizing and that any test shifts offered by the company should be paid.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Subway said, “While all Subway stores are independently owned and operated by franchisees, Subway encourages all franchise owners to ensure that no quarter test is carried out. is undertaken without remuneration.

“We would like to apologize for the miscommunication and distress caused to Ms. Lord and thank her for completing her shift so diligently.

“We have discussed this matter with the franchise owner and understand that Ms. Lord and her friend will receive payment for the shift.”

Jasmine added that she has yet to receive payment from the store for her work.

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