Eataly’s Toscana restaurant offers fine Italian dining on the Strip

Next Wednesday, Las Vegas’ booming Italian restaurant scene will once again thrive with the opening of the doors of the upscale Toscana Ristorante & Bar. Located in a lively area EatalyPark MGM’s huge food and drink market, the establishment will focus on a namesake Italian region – Tuscany – which is a favorite of many diners and travellers.

Surrounded by decor designed to evoke the verdant, verdant landscape of Tuscany, the restaurant’s kitchen features an open wood-fired grill where regional classics like bistecca ‘alla Fiorentina (grilled porter’s steak) are expertly prepared. .

“What really excites us is being able to fly people from Las Vegas not only to Italy, but also to a very specific region of Italy that is extremely well celebrated and has so much to offer that everyone world may not have seen before,” said Alex Saper, Eataly USA Business Partner.

Other famous Tuscan dishes to be served in the 94-seat restaurant include ribollita, a savory Maremmani bean and ravioli stew, ricotta and spinach stuffed pasta squares topped with Così Com’è brand pomodoro sauce. .

The restaurant’s wine cellar contains 450 Italian grape varieties by the bottle and more than 30 wines can be served by the glass. The bar offers an extensive collection of spirits ranging from fiery grappas to complex amaros.

The dessert selection will include homemade ice cream served at the table with toppings such as deluxe Fabbri cherries and flourless chocolate crumble. And to top it all off, each meal ends with cantucci, traditional Tuscan almond biscuits.

Toscana Ristorante & Bar by Eataly will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. for dinner service starting May 18.

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