EastEnders viewers speechless when they see the ‘character from Coronation Street’ in a cafe scene

EastEnders FANS were seeing double, at least they thought so, as it looked like Sarah Platt from Coronation Street had passed.

If you’re a regular EastEnders viewer, you might have gotten yourself confused when a Tina O’Brien lookalike appeared to be having a cup of tea at Kathy’s cafe.


Coronation Street fans saw a striking resemblance to Sarah PlattCredit: BBC

It would be a good ride between the fictional town of Weatherfield in Greater Manchester, where Coronation Street is located, and the equally fictional Walford district, which is home to EastEnders.

After a double take and realizing Sarah Platt would never turn her back on Roy Cropper’s fine dining, fans realized it was an extra just to have a good time on set.

One fan on Twitter said: “I had to look twice to see if that was her haha.”

Now able to focus on what was going on in the scene, fans watched the whole drama unfold as Eve Unwin, played by Heather Peace, launched into a drunken rant against Suki Panesar.

Eve is Stacy Slater’s new wife after the couple met and married in prison.

Their relationship is more of a business transaction. Stacy admitted to Mom Jean that they got married only so that Eve could prove to probation officers that she had a stable place to live after she got out of jail.

As the argument continues, Stacey walks into the cafe to see Eve screaming drunk at Suki as Eve reveals that she is meeting her probation officer.

As you take her home, you can see the joy on Suki’s face, and we find out why later when she tells them they’re being kicked out.

In a desperate attempt to help her sober up, Stacey helps cover things up with the probation officer.

Seeing their perfect opportunity, Suki and Kheerat appear as the probation officer leaves.

Groveling Stacey asks Kheerat to do something, but viewers wonder if she will actually help.

The pair certainly look alike from the side


The pair certainly look alike from the side

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EastEnders shocks as Stacey Fowler reveals his prison girlfriend Eve is his wife

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