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For starters, I am not a parent, and I do not choose to be. I have a lot of friends with children and consider myself a relatively cool aunt. I travel regularly with children. I was also a child brought up with manners. My parents took me and my sister to restaurants, even though they were age-appropriate establishments. In fact, I didn’t go to my first fine dining restaurant until I was in my 20s (and I was paying the bill).

Clearly and simply, I don’t think every facility is a facility where children should be allowed. I think that certain spaces (gourmet restaurants included) should be reserved for adults. An inclusive place where guests can dine or relax without the kids … being kids. If I am paying for the expertise of a reputable restaurant, I want to focus on the food and my business. I realize the kids will be kids anyway, but for the sake of other diners maybe wait a few years when the attention span could match a longer meal? Also, if you have the budget to visit a fine dining restaurant, I guess you might have the budget to pay for a babysitter as well. Although I am not a parent, I cannot imagine paying the best dirham for a meal, only to be distracted by a child throughout the experience.

As a compromise, I know of many world famous restaurants that are open for lunch and dinner, with similar menus in both. For those families who are absolutely keen on including their children in such an experience, I would encourage choosing to dine during the day. I think gastronomy should be for anyone who wants to enjoy it; However, parents around the world I would ask, maybe leave the kids at home for a night?

And guess what? If you don’t like the policies of a particular place (especially those where children must stay), you can choose (with your money) not to frequent that establishment. Everybody wins.

– Courtney Brandt

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No pets, no smoking and no children.

Have you ever come across a restaurant that has a “no kids” policy?

As an expat in Dubai, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to dining out. From fast food outlets to gourmet restaurants, there is always something to tickle your fancy.

Now, generally you won’t hear of a restaurant saying that kids are not allowed; however, some gastronomic establishments have started to adopt this policy.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m the first to say that a night without the kids would be a blast and I’m all for date nights. However, this is surely my choice – and not that of an establishment!

As a mother of three, I believe family time is vitally important and we have a rule at home that we should all have at least one meal together at the table; Usually it’s around dinner time, when the kids are in their pajamas, that dad comes home from work and I’m in my “mom” clothes. Children always look forward to the weekends so that they can get dressed and we can go out to dinner, and I think this is important for their education as it teaches them how to act responsibly in a social environment. For us as parents, it’s an escape from the everyday, giving me the chance to dress up and wear off my heels.

I remember the days when it was almost impossible to take Raef, my oldest, out to dinner because he was a very demanding child. In the end, I chose not to take him because I felt he was not ready to face the label of fine dining.

However, my other two, who are now five and two, are more than able to sit and eat without disturbing others and to me that is proof enough that I, as a parent, know when is the right time. It is important to remember to be courteous to other diners, but parents should have a choice rather than a policy imposed on them. Without a doubt, it’s the restaurant’s prerogative to have a policy if they wish, but that might just put me off going.

-Zainab Malik
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