December Art at Root Cafe

The Root Cafe is happy to welcome and announce Wanda and Erika whose paintings and drawings will be on display at the Root Cafe until December.

We are proud to offer a space to present to the public these creative talents that have been nurtured in a family through the generations. Wanda still remembers her parents actively painting and drawing. Yet somehow she felt like this talent wasn’t hers until her daughter Erica encouraged and inspired her to pick up a pencil and get down to business in being herself. How are you an artist? How do we create? She tempted it, and then joy and talent began to color her heart, sparking emotions she hadn’t even known before. Painting and art have become Wanda’s escape in hard times and a surface on which to trace the traffic of the heart in good times.

But what about young Erica? She is inspired by both parents and grandparents. And Larry too. Some of his earliest memories were studying colors with Grandapa, learning that there are words for colors like feelings, words like hot / cold or primary / secondary. She remembers Grandma painting landscapes with Uncle Larry. Always fearless, Erica found a natural source of emotion when she touched charcoal. Finally, Erica’s perfect clarity of raw emotion, lovingly developed in her family from childhood, has a natural focus. It is a shade of black or a strong line on a canvas variously white or tinted. Come see black and white compositions in the hands of an expert colorist. Color gives you names for feelings. A black and white drawing can cause different emotions in different viewers or different emotions in sequence when encountered by an individual viewer.

The Root Cafe continues its mission of supporting local artists. Our city’s creative work is our whole future. Don’t miss the chance to warm up with a scone and coffee by checking out Wanda and Erica’s beautiful paintings at the Root Cafe in December only and hopefully another month in the future.

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