Come fall in love with Opa! Bar and cafe

Opa! Bar and cafe

After working long hours every day, chill out at Opa! is the best way to give yourself a well-deserved break. Opa! Bar & Cafe has become the favorite destination for all party animals.

This attractive place has been divided into two sections – the lounge and the bar. The majority of events and performances take place in the club section, making this one of the two. The living room, on the other hand, is for those who like to relax to the sound of acoustic music.

Opa! Bar & Cafe offers delicious food that will leave you speechless with every bite. This gastronomic Meditarrearen restaurant will treat you to delicious desserts, shisha and drinks. While mocktails like Opa! 300, Mad Max and Jim on the Beach are the bestsellers, iconic mocktails including Turkish Delight, Bourbon Mary and Melon Town Madness have the tastiest combinations.

Opa! Bar & Cafe feeds on Mediterranean cuisine. While the Opa bread basket is a perfect starter option, tabbouleh salad is perfect for any fitness enthusiast. Fans of non-vegetarians can happily nibble on chicken sheefas, grilled chicken, and butter-garlic shrimp.

On top of that, the menu at Opa is delicious. On top of that, the candy shawarma and gyro paneer roll are a must-have for any foodie. Opa! Bar & Cafe offers various drinks to set the mood on the dance floor.

The ambiance of this exquisite cafe is a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern Arab culture. Opa! Bar & Cafe has paid attention to every detail to make sure people are having fun. If you’re someone who enjoys the sophisticated Greco-Mediterranean vibe paired with finger-licking cuisines and drinks, Opa! Bar & Cafe is a place you must visit with your loved ones this weekend.

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