Cedar Room Owners Hope To Provide Gourmet Atmosphere | Gastronomy

Hector Ortiz, left, and BJ Stenger stand amid the ongoing remodel at the location of the new restaurant they will open in June. The Cedar Room is located in downtown North Platte at 505/507 N. Dewey St.

Job Vigil / The North Platte Telegraph


A dream, a friendship and an opportunity opened the door for BJ Stenger and Hector Ortiz to move forward and open their own business.

The men plan to open a new restaurant, The Cedar Room, at 505-507 N. Dewey St. in downtown North Platte. The remodel started a few weeks ago and if all goes well, Stenger and Ortiz are hoping to open the doors towards the first part of June.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for many years,” Stenger said. “I’ve always been ranching and wanted to diversify ranching.

Regularly searching for a building that would suit their dream, they stumbled upon the North Dewey building in January.

“We found this one and we both said, ‘This is it,’ Stenger said. “We ended up buying the building and off we went.”

The idea was to create something that wasn’t fast food or some other neighborhood bar.

“North Platte is very limited when it comes to restaurants,” Ortiz said. “There is a lot of fast food out there and it makes sense to have Fast Food Avenue just off I-80.”

But they were looking for something unique and a place that had the potential to become a destination for locals and people from out of town.

“I think our site will have a bit more of a warm vibe,” Ortiz said. “It’s not a huge place, but I think it will be a very nice place that will offer you a nice selection of a menu which is an American fusion menu.”

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