Cafe workers defend ABC reporter harassed by anti-Vax Karen

“I’m not harassing her… you are harassing me now,” the woman said when called by cafe workers.

There really is nothing in the world scarier than a Karen. This is, of course, only beaten by an incredibly strong and fake anti-vaxxer. So imagine the horror of meeting the final boss, an anti-vax Karen.

Unfortunately for ABC reporter Melanie Groves, that nightmarish scenario came true yesterday when an anti-vaccination Karen berated her as she tried to buy lunch at her local cafe. Posting the incident on Twitter, Groves explained that the debacle happened while she was in line at the Coffee Club in Mackay, whose staff rushed to defend the reporter from the verbal attack.

“FYI, I’m a 29-year-old journalist who mainly deals with rural and environmental issues,” Groves tweeted with footage of the crazy interaction. “Today this sweet lady had a few words for me online at @Mackay_Coffee. Many thanks to the staff for standing up for me and calling security.

“I just wanted lunch.”

In the video, the anti-vaxxer starts an argument with Groves because she finds a problem with the journalist working at ABC an organization that the unidentified woman says is “spreading lies” about the COVID vaccine.

Not seen in the video, Groves explained that the encounter occurred after the anti-vaxxer allegedly told him “that the vaccine is going to kill everyone in a few years and that the ABC (and other media) should be done for crimes against humanity and domestic terrorism“.

When confronted and urged to leave by staff, the woman scolded Groves and claimed that she had a right to be there and harass people in their workplace because she was “also a client ”. “I’m not harassing her… you are harassing me now.” I am also a client, I was just saying that the ABC is spreading lies and that it is part of a company that peddles lies, ”the woman tried to justify her actions.

“Do you understand what I say?” the anti-vaccine asked, turning his attention to the wide-eyed reporter. “Do you see where I’m from? “

“She doesn’t need to see your point of view,” the employee interjected. “She’s right here trying to get coffee like you’re right here trying to have lunch.”

But when Groves defended herself by refusing to engage in the argument the woman very clearly wanted to have, the anti-vaxxer became even more enraged.

“I appreciate your having your opinions, that’s great. Everyone has the right to have their opinion. I mean, I’m just here for lunch, Groves said to the woman.

“But it actually is, it actually is, it actually – everyone knows that,” the woman replied without making a single point. “But I’m just saying you have to…”

The woman eventually left after staff told her she was no longer going to be served and that security was on the way. But, of course, the Karens had to have the final say and claimed that leaving was actually exactly what she wanted to do.

“I actually WANT to go and I would really like not to give you my money,” the woman said, mocking the staff. “ABC sucks. All media suck.

After sharing her meeting with Karen on Twitter, Groves was inundated with support as people spoke out against anti-vaccine harassment that has been fueled by the spread of misinformation by those in power.

For example, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) literally had to tell Clive Palmer to stop releasing “misleading information” about vaccines in July, George Christensen Publicly Supported Ivermectin as an Effective Treatment for COVID-19 in September, and Pauline Hanson called for an end to “pandemic discrimination” with a bill in October.

Fortunately, the reporter let those concerned know that she was fine, managed to get her “grilled sanga and coffee” for lunch, and was able to return to work unharmed upon hearing the woman “screaming again as security is on. came and asked him to leave ”.

Speaking to Junkee, Groves shared that she was very grateful for the support of the staff who stood up for her as this random woman called her “the scum of the Earth.”

“Hospitality workers, as well as retail and healthcare workers are on the front lines with the public and this kind of abuse happens too often (and without being filmed),” Groves told Junkee. “I really appreciated the support from the Coffee Club staff.

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