Cafe lets you eat your favorite anime character’s hair

There are a lot of hardcore anime fans who really feel like they have a special connection with their favorite characters. They collect all of their wares, have shrines set up for them in their homes, and even tattoo them on their bodies forever. But what about when fans just can’t get enough of their beloved characters? What else can they do to feel closer to them?

Well, according to a cafe in Tokyo’s Akihabara otaku district, they can eat their hair. That’s right, one day during the hot August summer in Japan, the Anison Cafe Stars restaurant is letting customers order and eat their favorite character’s hair with the “Let’s Eat Our Oshi’s Hair” campaign. .


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The term “oshi” is newer in the otaku dictionary. It comes from the Japanese word “osu”, which means to recommend (you may recognize “osusume” or “my recommendation” if you know a little Japanese). Oshi is the last term used to describe her favorite anime character, and it’s what Anison Cafe Stars used for her unique campaign.

Anison Cafe Stars is already an otaku paradise. Not only is it located in Tokyo’s most famous otaku district, but it’s completely inspired by anime songs. The waiters in the restaurant are usually dressed in some sort of cosplay, with wigs and makeup, and you can guess what kind of music is always playing. Anison Cafe Stars has locations not only in Akihabara, but also in Ikebukuro and Yokohama.

But only the Akihabara site, right in the heart of otaku Tokyo, hosted Let’s Eat Our Oshi’s Hair – and this time it was only for one day. Although superfans may have wanted to eat their oshi’s hair, well, it’s just not legal to serve. Fortunately, Anison Cafe Stars had a solution. Instead of real hair, they served Japanese somen noodles.

Somen are the thinnest variety of noodles in Japan, and when cooked, they have the quality of hair. However, the simple somen wouldn’t be enough to give the illusion of Oshi’s hair, so this somen was dyed in a wide variety of rainbow colors. After all, rainbow hair has always been an important part of anime character design over the years.

Customers who arrived for the event were able to choose from a variety of different “hair” colors to match those of their oshi’s locks, and then had the chance of a lifetime to eat them. Depending on the color chosen, the price per bowl was around ¥400 to ¥500 ($3-$4 USD).

While Let’s Eat Our Oshi’s Hair only lasted one day this time around, and at just one cafe location, fans can hope the success of the event will bring it back for another round (or more) to the future. After all, it’s not every day that you experience showing your devotion to your favorite in such a special way, and it’s definitely something that can attract not only domestic anime fans but also international.

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Sources: SoraNews24, PR Times

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