Building that houses a popular Denver cafe up for sale

DENVER – The building that houses a Denver cafe with a 40-year history has been put up for sale and possible redevelopment.

Annie’s Cafe and Bar is popular with regulars and newcomers alike who appreciate the all-day breakfast and welcoming atmosphere. Peggy Anderson opened the restaurant in 1981, and this may be the second time she’s been forced to move due to a redevelopment.

The cafe was originally located at 8th Place and Colorado Boulevard, but moved to its current building on East Colfax Avenue in 2008.

“It’s like déjà vu,” Anderson said. “We moved here once and we were able to, so another move could be in our future.”

Anderson is ready to move but has said she prefers to stay in her current place. She said the real estate announcement took her by surprise, but admits she couldn’t come to an agreement to renew her lease with the current landlord.

“We’re doing fine. We have rebounded really well from the pandemic,” Anderson said. “We have great customers and great subscribers. I guess what I’m hoping is that someone who buys the building, we can negotiate a viable lease and Annie’s can continue.”

Many Annie’s regulars have already heard the news by the time they stopped for breakfast on Friday morning. Jim Berryman has been coming to the cafe from the very beginning. He likes the waiters to know his order and sit him down at his favorite table.

“I hope they can find a solution, see how it goes. It would be sad for us, sad for them,” said Berryman.

Listed commercial real estate broker Shawn Sanborn said he contacted a representative for the restaurant to see if he wanted to negotiate a purchase or new lease on the building. He said he was open to considering their offer, but he also generated additional interest from people wanting to redevelop the property or use it as a restaurant or bar.

“It can still happen in different ways, but we have to know exactly what they want to envision it,” Sanborn said.

Sanborn said Annie’s property had not exercised his option to renew the lease, so the landlord approached him to sell the building. Anderson said she hoped to negotiate a new deal, but there was a problem.

“There are a lot of repairs and maintenance that are required on this building that, because of my lease, I am responsible for, and they get to the point of being astronomical,” Anderson said.

Anderson is keen to point out that Annie’s Cafe and Bar will remain open, and if the new owner decides to go in a different direction, she wants the restaurant to continue.

“I’m not closing,” Anderson said. “People think Annie’s is for sale, the business. It’s not that, it’s just that the ownership of the building changes, so hopefully we can keep going.”

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