Brothers open new cafe in East Neuk, Fife

A new cafe was opened in the village of East Neuk in St Monans by two brothers who grew up in the local hotel business.

Fife has risen through the ranks in recent times to become one of the food and drink hot spots in Scotland. Home to a Michelin-starred restaurant, seaside cafes and bistros, artisan food and drink markets, gourmet restaurants and more, it’s nearly impossible not to find something to savor.

And a few weeks ago, the kingdom’s East Neuk just increased its cafe population by another as two brothers opened a store in St Monans.

The Giddy Gannet, owned by Henry Philip, 32, and his brother Will, 29, has already opened its take-out doors in the village, with plans to fully open for sit-ins by then. End of november.

The Will brothers, left, and Henry Philip behind the counter at their new cafe in St Monans.

Growing up with the family’s hotel business – The Ship Inn in Elie – Henry and Will knew they wanted to open something up to them, with this new cafe in East Neuk being their first independent business together.

Henry says, “Our parents ran a pub for about 30 years called The Ship Inn in Elie until about 2014. So we grew up in the hotel business, but then we both left to do different kinds of office work.

“For about 10 years we were texting each other almost every two weeks after a really bad day asking ‘when are we going to open this cafe?’.

Will adds, “We always wanted to do something because when our parents ran The Ship we opened our own little cafe in the beer garden and we did that every summer for five years.

“Then we knew we always wanted to do something later and now we finally have our own place which is very exciting! “

On the menu

For the menu, the brothers function simply as take-out until the end of their renovation, with plenty of baked goods, hot chocolate, and coffee served to locals.

“We try to keep the menu fairly simple at the start while we do take out – everything is homemade and we do a lot of sweet baked goods, such as scones, croissants, veggie sausage rolls, and that sort of thing. ”Henri continues.

Some of the baked goods available at the cafe.

“Then once we’re open for the sit-ins, we’ll also make bagels and soup, keeping the menu very simple but trying to do everything home if we can.

“We also try to keep everything as local as possible, using local producers where we can.

“We have gluten-free food on the go right now and vegan as well as vegetarian stuff. We will try to answer everyone really.

Behind the name

Naming the cafe after its previous incarnation while also wishing to reflect a bit of the brothers’ personalities and ethics, Henry and Will hope to show their new business to the world by the end of November.

Will makes coffee.

Will continues: “We felt the place needed a fresh start. It was previously called The Diving Gannet and had functioned as a cafe for a while, but we felt like we wanted to leave our own mark on the place and needed a new name that matched the personality that we wanted to infuse the place.

“We don’t have an opening date yet, we think it will be from mid-November to the end of November. We do all the renovations ourselves, so we still have a bit of painting and furnishing to do.

“In the long term, we want to be as involved as possible in the community.

The brothers outside the cafe, which is currently only open for take out.

Henry adds, “There is a group of women coming individually at the moment, but they are so desperate to come and sit as a group. They do a lot of open water swimming and stuff and it’s a really good group so I think this will be our first group event.

“Then, in the longer term, we have plans to organize our own events, but not for a while. “

The Giddy Gannet is open daily for take-out only for the moment, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. More information can be found at Facebook and Instagram.

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