Boss of Big Baps cafe near M62 says public sex hotspot is costing him £100 a week in revenue

The co-owner of a popular roadside cafe near a public sex hotspot has renewed her calls for action to stop all-day parking outside her premises.

Amanda Bissett, who runs the Big Baps cafe in a parking area just off the M62 in Brighouse, has called on Calderdale Council to put up signs to limit parking to a maximum of two hours. She estimates the cafe is losing around £100 a week due to customers’ inability to find a parking space, Yorkshire Live reports.

The parking area, she claims, is ‘abused’ by people who park and ‘share cars’ with friends or colleagues in order to save money. She has also complained for months about men who park and meet other men for public sex in the woods behind the cafe.

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Amanda said a policeman came to the cafe to discuss the issues and mentioned ongoing ‘patrols’. She said: “He reluctantly went for a walk (around) and said they would be patrolling, but I haven’t seen anything since.”

And she said Calderdale Council had mentioned putting up parking signs, but she doesn’t think that will happen soon. Amanda said: “It’s something they’re aware of but it’s not a priority, they might put up signs in a year or two.”

During this time, she began placing her own homemade signs on the vehicles parked outside the cafe.

“Notes say” please don’t leave your car in this parking area. You should only park here for a maximum of two hours. By parking here, it prevents key workers from parking up for a well-deserved rest and meal break.”

She says many of the customers are nurses, midwives and lorry drivers who are in desperate need of a bacon sarnie, a cup of tea and a rest. The warning signs haven’t gone down well with everyone, she says.

Amanda said: ‘A man came in and said ‘what is this’. We told him that was polite advice and why we left it there. He said: ‘I I don’t care about key workers – people should leave us alone. He was here to get off in the back (at the public sex hangout). “

Amanda says the “sexual range” issue hasn’t gone away. There are litter signs at the rest area, but visitors continue to throw away condoms and condom wrappers.

This makes her particularly annoyed because her customers don’t want to be put off by their food. “Sex waste is always a problem,” she says.

“It’s been cold and wet and I don’t think there’s a lot of romance when it’s cold – but it continues.”

In the meantime, reckless parking costs him money because there are sometimes no places for passing customers. From time to time, motorists parked on the sidewalk.

Amanda said: “We’re losing money. I’d say easily over £100 a week.”

West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Council have been contacted for comment. In October, Calderdale Council said it would address the cafe’s concerns, saying: ‘We will work with the police and other partner organizations to address the concerns.

Police previously said the matter had been passed on to the Neighborhood Policing Team.

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