Beach cafe and brewery projects consider Southeast Bridge Road in Hobe Sound

HOBE SOUND – The ‘Main Street’ of Southeast Bridge Road will have more dining options next month and may have more beer options next year.

The old Flash Beach Grille, which closed in May, is set to reopen under new management next month as the Taylor Beach House Cafe. Co-owner Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Christopher plan to open from mid-October to the end of October, she said.

The restaurant will have a “casual and beach chic” theme and will serve seafood as well as burgers, sandwiches, pasta and salads, Taylor said. Beer and wine will be on the menu.

The couple own Taylor Farmhouse Coffee to Jupiter.

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“We would like to keep the price low,” Taylor said. “We’re not looking for… but a price where people go and say, ‘Wow, that was great value for what we got. “

Taylor Beach House Cafe will initially be open Wednesday through Saturday for dinner before expanding to other days of the week, she said. The opening hours and exact date are being finalized.

As the restaurant prepares to open, plans are being made for the vacant property next door.

A 2,000 square foot microbrewery is on offer, said landowner Chip Withers. About 75% of the building’s area would be used as a production facility, with the remainder serving as a tasting room.

The microbrewery could cost at least $ 1 million, he said.

It would include a covered outdoor patio landscaped with “a rainforest feel and maybe a roof terrace,” he said.

Preliminary documents have been submitted to Martin County as plans for the site continue to be refined, Withers and county officials said. The Hobe Sound Neighborhood Advisory Committee discussed the project on September 8.

“One of the main issues with this property during its development was actually this transformer (Florida Power & Light),” County ARC project manager James Clasby said Wednesday. “They are definitely investing in Bridge Road and the Hobe Sound community by committing to move this transformer.”

It costs around $ 500,000 to move the box onto the property, Clasby and Withers said.

Withers hopes to inaugurate the brewery in early 2022 and open it to the public in late spring, he said. His son-in-law, Reiny Knieriemen, who works in the brewing industry, will oversee the business, currently known as Sound Brewing Co.

Withers, who owns a Miami-based logistics and transportation business, was looking for an investment opportunity and was drawn to the Hobe Sound area with his family nearby. He also owns the Taylor Beach House Cafe property, which he leases to the Taylors.

“It’s going to be a main street where we can really bring something really cool and really be a part of the new (community redevelopment area) and be kind of an institution right in the middle,” Withers said.

Lina Ruiz is TCPalm’s surveillance reporter for Martin County. You can reach her at [email protected], on Twitter @ Lina_Ruiz48 or at 321-501-3845.

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