BBC – FastFood – The fastest furniture in the world?

Perry is sure he can set a new world record with his dining table!

Bucks inventor Perry Watkins is aiming for a new world record – for the world’s fastest piece of furniture!

Perry already holds the world records for the flattest and smallest cars.

Now this inventor of Wingrave wants to break the record for the fastest furniture in the world with “Fastfood”.

Edd China and Marek Turosk of Leicestershire set the current record in 2007 after managing to get a couch to hit a top speed of 92 mph.


Perry with his co-pilot Pete!

Perry is sure he can break that record with his turbo dining table.

Perry told BBC Three Counties how things are going so far: “Fast food is about three quarters over now. It’s a Reliant Scimitar Saber sports car chassis with a three and a half liter V8 engine. with nitrous oxide injection. It should do 0-60 inches about four seconds and a top speed of about 160 mph. ”

Perry is certainly not a rocket scientist – he says he’s not even an engineer: “I’m a shoemaker by trade. I just started tinkering with bicycles, mopeds, bicycles and progressed. towards the cars.

“I’m completely self-taught,” Perry said. “If I don’t know how to do something, I’ll just ask someone or search the internet!”

Once complete, the plan is to bring this converted Queen Alexandra table to the Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire for testing.

fast food

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If all goes well, then Perry will attempt his world record attempt at one of the circuit’s major events later this year – alongside his model driving partner Pete.

“Pete is seated at the head of the table and he’s dressed in a full racing uniform. He’ll have a full face helmet with a black visor to make it look like he’s driving the car,” Perry explained.

“I’m actually sitting in the middle of the dining table under the body, if you will. I’ll have a silver platter on my head with a big roast chicken! ”

UPDATE – April 2010

The dining table - fully installed!

The dining table – fully installed!

The bad news is that during the final testing at Santa Pod Raceway on April 12, the engine blew up!

Perry’s record attempt is now rescheduled for the future – we’ll keep you posted!

To learn more about Perry’s extraordinary projects, visit his



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