Baby joy for Derbyshire cafe owner whose house burned down in freak accident

Phil Eastwood, who runs the Grindleford Cafe in the Peak District, and his wife Kirstie lost everything when their house burned down in July this year.

Their house, which was Phil’s childhood home, caught fire after the sun shone through a glass onto their back garden while the couple were at work during the summer heatwave. The glass then amplified the heat of the sun on the terrace, which ignited.

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Phil and Kirstie Eastwood.

The fire destroyed everything in the detached red brick Sheffield property, which was valued at £250,000, the couple only had the clothes they were standing in. They lost everything they bought for their daughter Maggie, who was born at just 15. days after the horror fire, including baby clothes and a pram.

And Phil’s pain has been compounded by the fact that he cannot raise his daughter in the childhood home he inherited from her parents in December 2007 after her father died.

He said: “I feel deeply saddened and heartbroken that I couldn’t raise Maggie in my family home. I always thought that when I had a child he/she would be raised there like me and it would be theirs. first home.

“To be honest, it was really scary because there were about four weeks left in her pregnancy. She was born two weeks after the fire, but at the time she was four to five weeks pregnant.

The burnt remains of Phil and Kirstie Eastwood’s home

“I was really freaking out because I knew the baby was about to be born, but I didn’t expect it to be so close. I was devastated because I had lost my family home and everything. it contained. We lost all the baby clothes, even down to the growing baby and diapers which are essential things.”

Phil, 34, added: “We didn’t get a new pram until the day she left hospital so it was a fine tooth comb. We ordered it online and it came the day where she was leaving the hospital, so it was really good timing.”

The new family is currently living in temporary rented accommodation, as it will take approximately 12 to 18 months to rebuild their home.

Baby Maggie.

Phil added: “We will eventually rebuild the house, but obviously it will be a long process. “I think the proposed plans will take around 12 to 18 months to get it back to how it was. It’s literally gone back to bare bricks, there’s no roof on it and there’s only four walls basically.”

A Go Fund Me page was set up to help the couple and raised over £2,300 in less than 24 hours. The fundraiser is still receiving donations and has now reached over £3,500.

Phil said: “It was really overwhelming, I didn’t expect people to help so much and how quickly it reached this mark. It was overwhelming and amazing to be honest. We’re also so grateful, because we didn’t expect anything like this.”

Phil, 34, and Kirstie Eastwood, 30, lost everything when their house caught fire in July this year.
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