An exclusive look at KFC’s first fine dining restaurant

We don’t know if finger licking is allowed in fine dining establishments…

KFC Exclusive Dining Experience/TikTok Screenshot/@samantha.khater

When you think of KFC, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Maybe you’re thinking fast food, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, Colonel?

Well, we mean knocking down your simple thought…

KFC hosted an exclusive dining experience in Australia and the dishes they served were elegant and unique.

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We bet you never thought those two words would one day be used to describe the Colonel’s chicken?

Samantha Khater is a TikToker who shares the best places to eat, drink, play and stay in Sydney, Australia.

She posted a video share in which she was able to discover an exclusive gourmet restaurant hosted by KFC.

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The menu seemed unique and a bit overdone. But isn’t that what it’s all about these days? Taking your brand and elevating it so much off the map that you leave people in awe…

The most creative item on the menu was a candle that melted in chicken fat. . .

Sounds crazy, huh? Well, that’s being exclusive…

That and licking your meal off your plate…

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WATCH the video below, courtesy of ICT Tac.

@samantha.khater KFC but make it fine dining @KFC Australia @KFC #kfcdegustation #kfcfinedining #kfc #worldfirst #pestle #greedy #sydneyeats #fried chicken ♬ original sound – Samantha

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Many people wondered if it was a one-time or permanent place. Samantha responded by saying, “It was only for a weekend! You had to apply for tickets, and out of 20,000 applicants, only 180 people got tickets.” (ICT Tac)

If anything, this is definitely a way to prove that even fast food can be made stylish…

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